Hope you enjoy this poem :)

Fallen Angel

A flock of birds scatters,
The sky illuminates,
Silence scarcely shatters,
Yet still resonates.

Free falling you observe
Her unassuming grace,
Wide eyed, unnerved,
By her expressionless face.

Approach with hesitation,
Heart pounding in your ears,
Access the situation,
Put aside all your fears.

Rain and darkness decieve,
Yet she is before your eyes,
Before you would never believe,
Such a blatant pack of lies.

She's sitting on her heels,
Bowed head as if in prayer,
You wonder how she feels,
Or is she knows you're there.

For human she will never be,
Although she looks the same,
Features you would never see,
Portray her real name.

A halo now a tarnished ring,
Wings contorted beyond repair.
A broken soul who will never sing,
Or walk again on air.

You reach out, the offer refused
As her tears melt with the rain,
She wants no help, you're confused,
And leave her there with her pain.

Solitude is the gift you give her,
As you cast a glance up to Him.
You can't help but stare and wonder,
Did the punishment fit the sin?

Thanks for reading :)