Dear Nick,

My boo, my love, my future husband , my everything,

I'm writing this letter to you because I wanted to write all of our memories down. I know you hope I don't include the bad things, but they;re apart of our past, too v.v In this letter, I hope to tell you how much I love you So here goes...

Do you remember when we first met? I do. I definitely do. You had asked me out, but I was in love with Chris at the time; turns out he was a terrible boyfriend, so I gave him up for Becky. And I'm glad I did; they're happy together, that's all that matters. Then I remember I went into your bored room to apologize. You accepted c: So then we start talking and poking each other. I poked your lips and the next thing I knew, you kissed me ^/^. And then I remember I asked you to be my said yes...

We've Been In Love Ever Since

You were and are still the love of my life, but then I remember when we broke up the first time...we weren't talking as much as I wanted...I said something on Pulse...Justin told you...then it was over...

Luckily, we talked about it and you asked me out again, and I said yes (Of course c:!)

So, we dated for another months or so...until...

._. I Dumped You ._.

And I'm gonna tell the you the ABSOLUTE reason why, and I've been hiding it from you:

I. Was. Jealous.

You have, like, a lot of girl-friends and when you pulsed stuff like that it made me mad _! (But you told me it's just a joke, so it doesn't bother me as much now x]) So, I sent you a whole break up letter about how I felt about it..and I let you go. (Biggest Mistake Ever x.x) It was SO hard to do that...but I felt like we were growing apart...

After that, we stayed friends for Arie's sake but then you a girlfriend...I remember Justine...and then you had Bri...I would have asked you when you were single, but tbh, babe, I didn't think you were gonna say yes v.v ...Then, you and Bri broke up...And about two days ago...I asked you to be with me again and you said yes

Nick, baby, I am SO sorry for all the bullshit_ I put you through. I never meant to hurt you like I did...

Because I Love You So Much

I love you because of your beauty, your sexiness, and your smile. :]

I love how you make me feel...and I love our sex_ life xD and I love how much you appreciate me

Babe, I promise to be by your side no matter what and I wont ever leave you because you're my everything I want You're the only one for me.

Nicholas, babe, I Love You


Forever And Always

Love, Jay Jay