Sea of Depression

How can I smile with what little happiness I have?

'Tis then then that it be casted into the dark sea, nay, snatched away, carried off by these dark waves of depression, forcing me under and causing me to suffocate.

'Tis then I escape, find my way to the surface, above the waves, my blurry vision enough for me to see the next wave approaching, and thus, the struggle begins anew.

'Twould just be easier to drown, but, there is still air in my lungs, hope in my heart, and strength in my arms as I fight to breach this depression, these cold and dark waves.

'Tis when the storm subsides, and with it, the waves, that I then am finally able to catch my breath and clear my eyes.

The sea now seems calm and the sun shines, giving happiness to be alive.

'Tis not I in control here, not of the waves or clouds, but, 'tis I who must hold on.

I can finally relax and smile, but, 'tis not long before I start to see heavy clouds form, and it is then that I know she comes again.

The clouds have formed but the sea still be calm…

There is little warning, but even with what little I should receive, the waves will strike swift and unexpected, and when then do, again shall I be cast beneath the waves into the dark sea of depression, fighting for my life, fighting for one last breath of air…