Rika stumbled forward, half-blind. She blinked rapidly, waiting for her eyes to adjust as she groped with one hand for support. Her eyes slowly cleared from the flash of magic that had brought her here. Looking around, Rika couldn't help the twinge she felt at seeing a place so familiar and yet no longer.

She was back in the library. Her school's library. It looked just as it had when she'd left it. The metal shelves arranged in neat rows, filled with books that ranged from educational to entertaining. The computers that marched down along the walls were empty, as always. In fact, the room was populated only by her, something of a relief. She didn't think she could deal with anyone at the moment.

A flare of red caught her attention. She turned, eyes widening as a shining red design drew itself on the floor beside her. Flowing, looping figures bled into one another as the symbol slowly grew. Rika recognized magic when she saw it. Something about the colour of it sparking a sense of unease in her.

She took a step back just as the design blazed red. Crying out, she covered her still sensitive eyes, feeling tears welling up already. She rubbed and blinked her eyes, trying to clear her vision. It took several seconds before even the floor swam into sight.

Still blinking, Rika studied the brown floor, frowning as she noticed a black patch. It slowly resolved into a black hemline and pointed end of a stick. Or a staff. Rika froze, her mouth going dry and her heart beginning to pound.

It wasn't possible. It just wasn't. The spell…And she hadn't seen him in weeks. Not since the demon had…She shook her head. It couldn't be him. Swallowing, she carefully raised her gaze.

Up black robes, past hands that appeared out of wide sleeves, Rika's eyes locked onto the red crystal that made up the head of the staff. She knew the weapon and its owner only too well. Her pulse hammered in her ears as she was forced to accept the truth.

Ahisu had followed her.

Almost against her will, her eyes flickered over to his face. He was already staring at her, his face the blank mask she'd gotten used to and hated at the same time. She felt the shards of her heart tremble, several tumbling to shatter further. The tears that filled her eyes this time had nothing to do with light. "Why?" she shouted, fighting to keep the despair out of her voice and off her face.

Ahisu studied her for a moment, shifting his staff to his other hand. "This world."

"There's nothing here for you! We don't even have magic."


Her eyes widened again as she met his gaze. "What are you planning?" she whispered.

"Take over."

"Take over! You're going to take over the world?"

Ahisu snorted. "No."


"This country."

Rika choked. "Are you insane? You can't take over an entire country! There's an army and we have weapons you've never seen before. Not to mention we don't even know if magic works here!"

Shetton chose that moment to appear beside Ahisu, grinning. "It does. It has to. After all, you're from here and you have a magic. And you can hardly be the only mortal here with that kind of power. Don't waste your breath on arguing with him. My master's been planning this since before he summoned me. And of course, I'm a full supporter of this plan. It's going be so much fun."

"I…I…" she said, taking a step backwards.

Ahisu matched her move. "You can't stop me."

She paled. He was right. Even without her emotions, she still had barely any kind of magic training. Something Ahisu was well aware of. After all, he was her magic teacher. "What are you going to do if you succeed?"

"Create a mage country. Where all mages are welcome and where they rule the country."

"People will resist."

His snort was faint this time. "Those who fight will be crushed. Those who stay neutral will be tested. Those who join…they will make the new ruling core."

"It won't just be people here who will fight. All countries have alliances with others. You could start World War Three with this!"

"We will fight as necessary."

Rika shook her head. "This is insane. Absolutely insane. How are you going to get people to join you? You're not even from this world! You don't know anything about this world or its people, so how are you going to convince people to join you in overthrowing the government?"

Ahisu took another step close to her, so he was only inches from her. His proximity was eroding her control, making her sweat, and sending her heart into mach speed. His black eyes held hers, their depths as impenetrable as the night sky. "I have an offer for you."