"Cass would you cover my shift for me?" An employee, Dave, asked. I shook my head slightly, not looking up at him. "Thanks." With that he was out the door. I watched as he left and looked around the empty cafe. It was pretty dead, but I was always one to jinx myself. After two minutes of silent bliss, the place started to crowd up. It was starting to become difficult, considering I was the only one on duty and there was a line of twenty-eight people. I had my back turned away from the counter as I applied whip to the latte I was working on. "Next!" I shouted, placing a cap on the cup and putting it on the other counter. "Grande vanilla latte." He stated calmly. "Name." I said, grabbing a cup and placing the tip of a marker to it. "Hunter." My head dropped in defeat. "I'm gonna need your last name. There's like three other Hunter's in this place." I heard him chuckle softly before giving me his last name, "Hayes."

I wrote the name down, staring at it for awhile That is so familiar. Pushing aside the thought I began to make the vanilla latte. Without looking at the person on the other side of the counter I placed the cup down, but didn't let it go. When I looked up, I looked up into a pair of magnificent blue eyes. "I know you." I whispered, still holding the cup of coffee. "Um cool. Can I have my coffee?" He asked with a small smile. I tiltled my head to the side, and then remembered I was working. "Oh yeah! Here." I blurted, handing him the cup. "Thanks." He responded, handing me his money and flashing me a bright smile before he left.

I fell back slightly and tried to comprehend if that really happened. Shaking my head, I picked up his money and saw a napkin with cute messy hadwriting on it.

I'm new here. Maybe you can show me around? ;) 546-703-7547

I stared at the paper, my eyes widening as I realized it was from him. This was an amazingly talented person who was extremely easy on the eyes, who could have any girl his heart desired, and he chose me?! There was no way this could be happening! Maybe he's your savior. I heard a voice say. No... I don't think so.

Why? Why can he not be the one who helps you?

Because... if he found out about me and what a loser I am, he would never want to be seen with me. Besides, I'm pretty sure there's someone filling his head with lies by now.

I frowned at the floor and walked slowly to put the closed sign on the door. I walked into the back and grabbed my guitar before walking into the alley behind the cafe. "Look who's back." I heard a deep male voice say. "Well, well." I heard another voice say. I looked around, terrified and saw two tall shadows appear from the far end of the alley. "I don't want trouble." I pleaded as I put my hands over my head. The men laughed as they approached me. "What's a pretty girl like you doing out back here at this time?" I shook my head as I felt tears form in my eyes. "Practicing my music." It must've been the wrong answer because both men laughed and shook their heads. "Nope." Next thing I knew I was slapped across the face, pushed against a wall, sexually harmed, and then forcefully shoved to the floor.

I laid there motionless, trying to catch my breath, looking off into the direction the two men ran. I began looking for my cellphone unable to move my body very well. I found it a few feet away from me and tried to reach for it. "Come on." I whispered. I gave up trying to get it. I was stuck here. No going anywhere, unless someone randomly walked into the cafe and saw that the back door was open and came back here and found me, but that wasn't happening. I closed me eyes, trying my hardest to ease the pain, and rid myself of feeling violated. I pressed my lips in a tight line and started to pray, and then I heard a soft, sweet voice say my name. "Cass?" I kept my eyes closed. I didn't have enough strength to open them, but I still had the ability to feel my body being lifted up into a strong embrace and placed gently into a car. "Don't worry. I'm taking you to a hospital." I heard him say. I moaned in return, for that's all I was able to do.