"So, darling, who was that boy you were with?" I turned around slowly and hesitantly and faced my dad. "No one." I responded, my heart beginning to race. "He didn't seem like no one when you were walking hand-in-hand together." I dropped my head and looked at him with a grin. "It's no big deal daddy-o."

"What's his name?!" ,My dad exploded.I jumped back, startled by his outburst. Here I was trying to be civalized, but he wasn't like that. "Hunter." My dad nodded his head like he knew that. I raised a brow at him, he was silent and for once I thought he was finally done, but next thing I knew he back handed me and I was on the floor. "Next time I ask a question, you answer right away." With that being said he stormed off to his bedroom, and left me on the ground. I was so disgusted to even call him my dad. What did I do to deserve this? I don't even know, but what I do know is that we can share blood, but he is not my dad... he's Paul, and that's all he'll ever be to me again. I continued to lie on the floor, too tired to get up. Getting up would just be pointless. Everything was pointless. No one would care if I was gone. No one. I have no one, so what's the point? I turned my head, eyeing the objects surrounding me when my eyes came across something that caught my interest.

"I spy with my little eye something sharp." I whispered to myself, crawling over to this silver blade. Picking it up, I turned it so the light hit it at different angles. I lowered the blade so it was eye level. Do it. No one will care. I heard a voice say. I moved it closer to me. Hunter would care. I stopped and anaylzed the object, Hunter would care. No he wouldn't. He doesn't care. He's pretending. I lowered the blade to my wrist. "Can I just do this?" I asked aloud. Yeah, you should get used to the pain before you do it to your throat. I placed the blade against my wrist. Don't do it, or else you won't stop. "Maybe I don't want to stop." With that, I swiped the blade, slicing my skin. I watched as the blood poured out from the new cut. I... liked it, it looked promising. I cut again, and again until the blade decided to wear down. Dropping it to the floor I heard the clink it made when it hit the bottom, as soon as I heard the noise reality caught up to me and I realized what I just did. I stared at the blood gushing out of my arm and I began to cry. Then I remembered I had Hunter's phone number, so I called him, asking to meet me at the cafe.

"Cass, what's wrong? You seemed pretty worried when you callled." I heard Hunter say as he walked into the cafe. He turned around, and crinkled his eyebrows when he saw me. "What happened? Did your dad do that?" He asked, touching the bruise on my face. "Yeah, but that's not why I called..." I trailed off as Hunter pushed my hair behind my ear. "Well why did you?" He asked softly, bending down a few inches so we could look at each other eye-to-eye. "I did something..." I trailed off again, and felt my nose begin to sting, and my throat swell up. "What did you do?" Hunter asked worringly, scanning me for injuries. I felt tears form in my eyes as I lifted up my sleeve to reveal about fifteen cuts. Hunter's mouth fell, and the tears fell down my face. "I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't realize I did it until I heard the blade hit the floor. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." I rambled. Hunter began to shush me, wrapping his arms around me, and whispering that it was OK. I began crying harder and Hunter loosened his grip on me and looked me straight in the eyes, "it's OK Cass. Trust me, it's OK. Just, please don't do it again." I shook my head and placed it on his shoulder. "Whenever you feel like you want to hurt yourself, don't hesitate to call me." I nodded my head in Hunter's chest as he rubbed my head softly with his hands. "Cass?"

"Yeah?" I asked moving away from Hunter. "Did your dad say anything about me to you?" Hunter raised a brow skeptically like he was unsure if the question he was asking was even valid. I wiped away a few stray tears, "no, why?" I asked, looking at the frozen boy across form me. Now I was curious. It looked like he had just seen a ghost. "No... well he just... requested that we don't see each other anymore, or else we'll both suffer." I slapped my hands against my sides, falling into a chair behind me, I buried my head in my hands. "This is why I told you to leave. I didn't want you getting hurt." Hunter took a seat across from me and reached for my hand. "I can handle him. There is no way I'm leaving you."

"I can't risk that."

"But I can. I'm not leaving you, and I won't let your dad get in the way of me getting to know you." Hunter stroked my hand slowly, "we'll just see each other in secret. You walk to and from work on weekdays and on the weekend your dad drives you, right?" I nodded my head. "Then on weekdays, when you're supposed to walk home, we'll hang out here... and on the weekends... well I guess we'll have to see how that works out."

"But you have your music." I added quickly. There was no way I was going to get in the way of his music. "I can work on that on weekends. Cass, I'm willing to spend less time on my music for you." I looked at him in disbelief, but he just smiled and nodded reassuringly. "You should get home before your dad realizes you left." I nodded my head, standing up from where I was sitting, and making my way to the door, but Hunter stopped me midway. He leaned in, and I thought he was going to kiss me, but then Dave walked in and ruined everything. "Cass, you can't have people here when we're closed."

"You do it all the time, besides we were just leaving." Dave shook his head and made his way to the back. "That killed the moment." Hunter stated under his breath, "Maybe that moment was supposed to be killed." Hunter looked at me confused. Sighing, I began to explain to him, "I'm a torn down, self harmed, emotionally screwed up girl, and maybe you shouldn't be with someone like that." Hunter shook his head, and grabbed my head in his hands and pulled me toward him, but I broke from his embrace. "It's too late to save me, Hunter." He shook his, "it's never too late." I averted my eyes onto his, "maybe this time it is..." Hunter cut me off quickly, "no. Cass, I will save you from him and from yourself. I promise." And with that being said Hunter placed his lips against mine and kissed me. "And I never break my promises." He whispered as he pulled away and walked out the door to his car, leaving me with nothing but the pounding of my racing heart.