We came into class, eyes closed, mouths open

sat in those steel gray chairs with those black pink gray cushions

expecting unity and no need to learn-

we're not here for history, maps

not for that – we're here

to connect and catch up an chat and cheat

and none of us appreciate your effort to teach about


because we have crushes-and-finals-and-parents-and

who care who came before because the time is now

though the past will set us free and we should never forget

but this generation, we don't wanna here about

how great and brave and inspiring your parents were

because we are new and just as

great and inspiring and brave

and fuck it, we'll change it now

with our rolling eyes and phones

that'll bring down a whole world with one singe text

while we sit in out beds with our laptops in tangled, bed-covered legs

so bored, so cold, so full of breath -

we disconnect

go damn

the time is no