She wears a hat almost everyday because every time she does, he tries to take it from her. She has almost nothing else in-common with him, yet, so as of now, she is the girl who wore a hat and he is the boys who tries to take it and that is their love story.

He's just another naïve and innocent, bright eyed boy with prince charming hair and dark brown eyes that shine like they're blue, and she's much to cynical for a dreamer like him. But that doesn't stop her from watching him; watching the way his hands flutter as he talks, the way his shoulders connects to his neck, elegant, and how he taps his fingers on the floor, a never ending drum beat. And she sees how he watches her back. He watches her differently, though.

He watches her like she is a dragonfly; the childish fascination with a translucent, fluttering stained glass, almost-but-not-quite-fairy, but nothing deeper. 5th grade puppy love. And she loves him. Love love. And it's worse than unrequited love, in a way because he wants her, but he doesn't want her; it's not enough that he likes her on a basic level because she has so much more that she feels, so much more that she wants.

It's the first time. For her. The first time she's wanted someone who didn't want her just as much as she did. And he's the first boy she's wanted that wasn't just as jaded as her. She can't be the one to make him like her, let down and lost, doubting everything. She won't spoil him.

(It never occurred to her that maybe, he didn't want her, or that he did, or that maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't care about being spoiled)