Nikita flipped open her Mythology textbook. Then she took out a blank sheet of paper and wrote:

Hey Jess! Nikita here, wanna chat? Class' boring!

"Jess!" Nikita whispered. She glanced up at her drony teacher, Mrs Dorell, and still looking at her as if she, Nikita were paying attention all along, placed the note in her best friend, Jesta's outstretched hand. Jesta made a quick grab for the note before her head jerked up to look at Mrs Dorell as if she too were paying attention.

They were supposed to be following what Mrs Dorell was 'teaching' in their textbook. But she always went out of point. Now she was talking about school bags. Everyone's head was lying on their desks. Scott Caslo, one of Nikita's loyal friends, was sleeping. As Nikita glanced at him drooling, she felt a little guilty and looked away, mumbling something that sounded that "Blubby oh wah." Scott had been lending Nikita his notes for the past few weeks. Although he was always not paying attention. He was just, a born-genius.

Nikita strained her eyes to look at Jesta. Hurry...

"Kiki!" Jesta murmured as quietly as she could, but loud enough for Nikita to hear. Nikita snatched the note away quickly and hid it under her desk. She peeked at it.

Nikita gasped.

Scribbling over everything Jesta wrote, Nikita was making sure no one could ever read it. She stuffed it under her desk.

Now that she knew it, Mrs Dorell certainly could not.

Nikita's eyes focused on her textbook once more but she could not concentrate. Her mind just kept settling back on what Jesta said in the note. Nikita looked at Jesta uncontrollably. She mouthed, "U sure, Jess?" Jesta, her face contorted with anxiety, nodded her head fervently. That meant that it was time.

It was finally time to do it in a million years.

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