Nikita Rose Ann Lasteen was a phorun. A phorun is a person who is a God, but not a God. You don't seem to get it. Hmm. A phorun can do things like a God, like battling, but a phorun is unable to make decisions for himself. Or do whatever they want. All phoruns have a God above them, and phoruns must obey their Gods, like it. Or not.

Nikita had the worst Goddess in charge. She really wanted her Goddess in charge to be Angela, the nicest Goddess among all. She was a sky Goddess. Or Kristin, the Goddess of animals.

All the Goddesses were sisters who helped one another and were very kind.

But, of course, some God always was rebellious. That was named D-e-n-i-s.

Nikita hated Denis. As you might have already guessed, Nikita's Goddess in charge is Denis. Nikita did not respect her at all, she simply obeyed her.

Denis had the most number of phoruns. The Gods choose their phoruns by drawing lots. Sometimes, if there was an unequal number, they just Scissors-paper-stone. Simple method.

And yet Denis always won. She seemed to be always the luckiest, which only made Nikita madder. And Angela seemed to be always losing, though loads of phoruns admired her.

Well, well, well.

Nikita had a few other friends, but they went to Angela(NO FAIR), Floriette(Garden Goddess. Plants obey her. She's REALLY nice too! Way better than You-Know-Who.), Arabelle(Air Goddess. She can be really nasty sometimes, polluting the air on purpose. But sometimes she's just okay. Better than Denis. At least.), Waveselle(Water Goddess! She's kind of kind. She makes the waves move and it's such a beauty. But when she's arguing with her fellow sisters, good luck to you if you happen to be standing at the beach) and last but not least, Kristin(HEY!).

Nikita missed them, and had even received a few letters from them. But under the order of Denis she was unable to even reply any of their letters.

Wait. She would have disobeyed that command, but Denis blocked the post box, knowing that many would defy that order.

Soon enough, she received angry letters from them saying that they would never write to her again since they were wasting they're time writing and not getting any replies.

And she never got a single letter from them ever again.

Nikita felt a mixed combination of feelings of anger and sadness. Her old friends ditched her, she was stuck with Denis; she felt all alone.


She, Nikita Rose Ann Lasteen, was a small girl around five feet tall with brown hair right up to her back. Denis would not allow waist-length hair, but Nikita felt she was just jealous. She was trained at about five years old to fight Gods. She learned martial arts and all the usual tricks Gods do. In the crappy school she was in currently, they only learned spells. With Mrs Dorell...things hardly got moving.

She had a special cloak which protected her from any injury. The cloak was given to her by Angela as a farewell gift and with 3794 more times...the cloak would tear and tear until it turned to dust.

Angela had made it on her own using her magic powers. Even Denis could not make it;all Denis made were some small beads to be made into a bracelet for herself.

Anyway you must have got the fact that Nikita is able to fight Denis, and now she would like to.

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