A Marathon

We were all so young,
And all we wanted to do
Was to grow up.
Something had to give soon,
And it wasn't going to be us -
Ruled by foolish recklessness
Befitting of ones so young.
We got high off drink and drugs,
Sugar too "old school".
We were kids on the run,
And we never looked back to see
If Life was catching up with us.

Oh the irony, that what we wanted most
Is now what we despise.

It is fitting that age
Shall be the one to break us,
Tie us up in bonds of
To careers and lovers,
To studies and enterprises.
Bills to pay and never enough
Money left over for the
Latest computer games or magazines.
Facing up to the idea that
We're never going to be
"The Next Big Thing"

The hold of age is one
That tightens with time.

Enjoy being kids whilst it lasts.
You don't know how good you've got it
'Til it's gone.