You say that it is our falt
You say we should have never been born
You say that you'd rather kill yourself
Then be around us any more

You say that its our falt
That we are causing you so much strife
Maybe now you understand
How it feels to want the knife

Should I be scared of the dayse that pass?
As I dream of rusty razor blades and shards of broken glass
I'm 13 and look at my dreams
Your depression is sending me to insanity

You do not understand
You are tearing me apart
And all I wanted to give you
Was every piece of my heart

But maybe I should thank you
Because you have taught me not to be used
By the people that I love and trust
Thank you I will try my best not to lose

But of corse I cannot promises this
Because I always try to forgive
God I'm such a naive child
I don't deserve to live

God up in heaven
I know that I have sinned
But pleas can you save me?
I do not want to live

Mummy I love you very much
Though you may not believe
But I shouldn't be feeling the way I am
Maybe I should just leave?

Daddy will you take me in?
Nona will you hold my hand?
To my niece can I tell you my secret?
You are four but you'll understand

No one understands me
As I am being torn apart
I try not to feel the pain inside
But it keeps stabbing at my heart

Family is something that you can't trust
They only use you in the end
But I can only smile and keep my chin up
And cry when I don't have to pretend

To people who are reading this
Don't act like this isn't true
Just think about the things in your life
Dose any of this seem familiar to you?