Ashley Morgan


February 26, 2013

Did you know that 17 percent of people will receive message on face book during sex? A survey was conducted among 1000 people in the United States and it found that 56 percent of face book users check face book at least once a day. Social media is controlling the minds of young people. Social media is becoming a problem because young people get distracted on sites such as face book, twitter, instergram, etc: People spend hours on these websites looking at pictures exposing people and focus on becoming famous on the these websites. People think social networks have a positive impact. Not so much; social media has a negative impact on young minds. It's causing people to loose jobs and getting into collage can become difficult. Many people get distracted and lose focus by following these websites and this can affect there education.

Social media has a negative impact on work productivity. "A study was conducted with 237 corporate employees and 77 percent shows employees use face book during work hours." (Jitt 4) This means social media is becoming so much of a distraction during work employees get the urge to browse people's profiles. They update their status look at people's photos. Using social media during work hours causes people not give there full effort and they are more likely to make mistakes. Instead of helping there customers and taking care of problems in a timely fashion. Not to mention if they get caught by there boss they can get fired. I think all firms should block access to these sites. Why should employers allow there workers to waste company time viewing these sites? Company pays you a salary to do a certain job functions not wasting time viewing social websites." They are being paid to do a job." (Jit 4) Portsmouth City Council along with many other working companies blocked access to face book after finding out around 4,500 staff employees logged on to social networking about 270,000 times a month and collectively wasting 572 hours of 71 working days in just one month. So instead of lowering pay or laying off staff they decided to block these web sites while in the facility. Therefore the employer gets a full day of work out of their employees.

Social networking could become an addiction for many people who use it. Our world is facing a new problem… face book addicts. This is the kind of internet addiction but social networking sites influence people to go mad. It's like people immersed in viral life and forgetting about the physical world around them. This addiction could become so strange it will cause people to do some crazy things. For example a mother from north Florida killed her own child for annoying her during a game called Farmville on face book. These social websites are turning people into murderers. In France and London Salum Konbo only 18yrs old was stabbed by his friend because of an argument that started over face book. People get caught up with these face book friends and they forget about their real friends and family. In the United States a survey was conducted among 1000 people. The survey found that 56 percent of face book users checked face book at least once a day. It seems people can not go one day without checking there face book account or other social accounts. Some people are so addicted they are not eating right and not sleeping right. They do not even go outside for a walk. Psychologist Michael Feniche stated "Face book even makes people act abnormal and anti sociable, especially teenagers". It will stop them from interacting with there peers. Once you're addicted to face book you start losing a large amount of sleep, ignore work during office hours and can even cause stress and anxiety if you can not log into face book.

Although face book seams like there is more negative impacts there are some good impacts also. For example: Networking sites could help connect families overseas. If you have a parent, guardian or relative in a foreign country you can contact them through face book and it's easier and cheaper way to communicate. You can also video chat through other networks. Social media in general is a good tool for updates on what's going on around the world. Social media empowers people to view a diversity of people and their different cultural. Through social media thousands of Egyptians wearing bandages from day's of fighting turned out in Cairo on Friday February 4, 2011 for what they are calling "Day of Departure ". A nationwide call for the immediate removal and prosecution of Hosni Mubarak who has ruled the country for thirty years. This story is now larger than Egypt and the Arab world as international news coverage and social media has broadcast the escalating violence around the world. "Time again featuring Egyptian citizens dying and risking death in order to have their message heard". To regime change and become a reality. Therefore the ability to use social media can also be informing. The president even used social media. He used social media to help him get elected into the white House. He was the first president to use this technology.

However there are more negative impacts. Social networks have millions of hacked profiles and cyber bullies. Not only are there fake profiles there are also stranger friends. When you accept their request to be friends you put yourself at risk. "The person on the other side of the computer starts exchanging words very cordially and within some days you have faith in them then they start the mind game and start gathering more personal information".(Jitt 2) By all the information they gather they can black male you or even hack into your email and find out where you live and other personal information. These cyber bullies use fake profiles to find out your information to use it against you. There are at least 100 million profile hackers on face book. Ron Bowles on line security consultant stunned everyone in 2010 by posting personal details of 100 million face book users online. Bowles used a program. 500 million face book profiles for information those who were not hidden by privacy setters. (Litt 2). So if he can do it so can regular people. ID's, names, URLS and other data available on the profile. There fore in the end they can make a fake profile of you.

Social media has more negative impact on society. It is really starting to take over the minds of our society. If we continue the rate we are going in the future, our society is not going to ever want to leave the house due to face book. Also in the future there could be more deaths and suicides.