They say I'm weird

Not like others

Just because I don't talk about boys and drugs.

Just because I'm quiet and don't want to chat.

Just because I know there's work to be done.

Not ignored.

They say I'm queer,

Not like others.

Just because I have plans for the future.

Just because I think about college.

Just because that boy next to me is just a boy.

Not an angel.

They say I'm odd.

Not like others.

Just because I'm strong.

Just because I'm smart.

Just because I am who I am.

But what the **** do they know?

Why are they looking at me like I'm the weird girl?

Why are they scolding me for being me?

Don't they know how it feels.

To be estranged.

Left alone, in so many ways.

Wandering crowds,

Speaking aloud.

Yet left unheard.

Drowned by the popular crowd.

Screw them anyway.
They can dance for me when their time comes.

To show their work.

They'll be empty handed.

But me?
I'll be the popular crowd.

Just because I worked hard.

Just because college was always on my mind.

Just because I didn't crush on every boy.

Just because I'm me.