On a dark day in winter

My funeral took place

You didn't attend

Too scared to show your face

An open casket event

With a preacher telling lies

Praising all the deeds I never did

As my broken mother cries

Old friends and acquaintances

Get up to speak of me

I wish you'd been there

So anyone could've seen

You weren't bad for me

You never led me astray

You were my true love

No matter what they'll say

I didn't mind the bruises

I can forgive the broken bones

So sweet was our love

But no one seems to know

Now come the coffin bearers

Taking me away

There's a home just outside

That you all call a grave

They lower me slowly down

And one by one draw close

Cover me in dirt now

An leave me to decompose

They all are leaving

After kind words to my family

You should been there

To help them bury me