When we're in the last days, near the end of the age, then the Holy Spirit will come

In abundance for those who still wait for the ride through the clouds.

He'll bestow special gifts on the people who march to the beat of an alternate drum;

So that they will stand fast in the face of the wavering crowds.

While the enemy offers to psychics, inaccurate glimpses and misleading views,

Of the future, the Spirit of God will send visions and dreams.

As an increase in occult activity leads to more deaths on the six o'clock news,

Those who follow the Lord will discern truth from what merely seems.

As the latter rain falls, and infirmity spirits attempt to make people get sick,

God's authority's given to step on the scorpions too,

Driving out all the demons, in Jesus name only; and scripture will be the big stick,

When temptation invades healthy space to conceal what is true.

If the secular movies are gaining some traction, promoting all manner of sin,

With false glory for things that God utterly chose to forbid,

When we speak with the power of the Spirit within us, adultery TV won't win;

And conversion away from those things will be closing the lid.

Even though we see scripture (creation, redemption, salvation and Heaven) replaced

By the falsehoods of atheists, taught in our Unis and schools;

Evangelical preaching will bring folks to Baptism; with genealogy traced

Back from Jesus to Adam; with Satan's lies knocked off their stools.

When the Great Time of Trouble is fully upon us, and all the world seems off the rails;

Then the best reassurance is found on the Biblical page:

Jesus said, that when all we'd rely on (in our strength) predictably crumbles and fails,

He'll be with us (in good times and bad) to the end of the age.