I don't know what to say about this one. I was bored and this was the result :D


Pitched up high on your pedestal,
Switched up rags for impeccable,
Suit and tie, you're respectable,
Can't touch you, you're inaccessible.
You own the joint, a professional,
Worshipped, ineffable.
Until one day it's regrettable,
That you end up being dispensable,
Fall from grace and the pedestal,
The look on your face; a spectacle.
Although it's incomprehensible,
You must know this; be sensible,
Even though you were incredible,
And pretty unforgettable,
It might be reprehensible,
But it is quite conventional,
That we fall, lose, die,
I don't really know why.
Yet we are all susceptible,
To falling from that pedestal.