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Meghan's POV

It was just another day after school; my friends and I were walking to my house for a project we had to do for our art class. We passed by the old grey, dusty two story house. The stories at school say that the house was possessed by a spirit of a man who found his wife sleeping with his brother who killed him to be together, or that is what they say. Out of our group only Jules and I thought it's just a story to scar us and the only thing there was a bunch or rats. But as it turns out we were wrong.

The story starts when Jonas got the idea of going into the house to see if there was a real ghost inside and he wanted to find it, but Tristan and I both knew that the idea wasn't a good one. Jules on the other hand agreed with Jonas. Seeing as how the vote was two against two, Tristan and I decided to go inside with them even thought it was against our better judgment.

As the four of us walked in Jonas said" this place looks awesome."

"Yeah for a haunted, demon infested house, it's pretty nice" Tristan said with a hint of sarcasm.

We each searched each part of the house for the so called ghost. After a couple of hours of nothing Jules and Tristan were getting tired and bored of this ghost chase. Jonas on the other hand was disappointed by the events.

"See in I told there wasn't any ghost in this house." Jules exclaimed at Jonas.

"Why are you always being so mean to me? I'm going to stab you!" Jonas exclaimed back pulling out a real knife from the kitchen.

"Hey guys! Chill, let's just go and get that stupid project thing done for. so that he doesn't fuss at us again for it." Tristan said taking the knife away from Jonas.

I walked around to the fireplace, there was a small draft coming from the roof above it. I held my hand up to see if I could find where it was coming from as the three guys continued on with their arguments. Suddenly the draft I was looking for became stronger like the winds of tornados and picked me up and throws me at the boys. My body ended up hitting Tristan and we both fell backward with the couch.

Jonas and Jules were picked up and through against the wall. We all ducked in cover as the wind torn the living room apart and locked all the doors and windows. Tristan and I Stood up again when the weird tornado wind ended, we both walked over to the two unconscious Jules and Jonas. Then we heard a voice say "you shall never leave this place again!" and fog covered not only the living room but the whole inside of the house. Tristan looked at me and whispered "what do we do with these two morons?"

"We wait for them to wake up. Beside we can't leave them here" I told Tristan as we waited for Jonas and Jules to wake up. We waited for another hour and a half for both of them to wake up. When Tristan and I told them what happened, Jonas started to freak out, but Jules still didn't believe it. I walked to the door that we came into. It was seal shut, apparently we weren't going anywhere as of now. I looked at the grandfather clock near the fireplace it was almost twelve o'clock. The time the ghost comes out to play with the people in the house.

If we didn't find a way out soon we wouldn't be at school the next day and I don't think will be yelling at us if we are found dead the next day. I look over to the boys, Tristan is checking out the window, Jonas is walking back and forth from the grandfather clock to the doorway that lead to the stair way, Jules was trying to fix the couch to its right position it was before me and Tristan were thrown in to it .

"Hey guys lets go up stair and look around. We are stuck here anyways." Jonas stated in an excited tone.

The three of us looked at him. "Have you lost what little brain you got? What if we are killed?" Tristan exclaimed in a terrified tone.

"I agree with Jonas for once. We should go check out the upstairs" Jules said.

The fact that Jules actually agreed with Jonas on something was odd for Jules. Tristan and I looked at each other. I knew something was wrong with him at that point. Before we started up the stair case, the walls stated to ooze out something red and watery looking and smelled like mold.

"Is that blood?" Tristan asked. "Oh lord help us."

"We aren't going to make it school tomorrow are we?" Jonas asked now in the same boat as Tristan.

I watched the blood run to the floor. If we didn't go upstairs we would drown in this moldy, watery blood looking stuff. One at the time the four of us went up stair, the door to the bottom floor slammed behind me. I tried to open it but it wouldn't move. I stepped up the staircases and realized the moldy, watery blood had filled up the bottom floor, and it was running over the door. There wasn't no turning back now for us. We ether keep going or drown in moldy, watery blood. So we continued up to the second floor.

As we walked up the stair case, the stairs squeaked and creaked when we each walked up them. Suddenly the next step Jonas took went deep into the floor as if it was a button. The next event that happen cause us to duck in cover. Because there was knifes after knifes coming at us. They didn't stop until they cut me on the face, Tristan on the arm, Jules on the shoulder, and Jonas in the leg. We quickly ran up the stairs to the second floor door and slammed it close.

We all were out of breath from running. Jonas was limping as he walked around the new floor. There was three doors that looked like bedroom doors and one door that looked like a bathroom.

Tristan was examining how deep his cut on his arm was. It didn't look that deep to bleed to death but it did look like it would leave a scar. I went over to look at Jules's shoulder. He held it with his left hand and the blood came through his fingers. His wound didn't look too good neither did Jonas's but I couldn't look at it cause he was limping around on it leaving a blood trail down the hall making it easily to find him.

"We need a first aid kit. We won't make it long if we don't tend to them." said Jules sitting in the arm chair.

We were in the bed room that Jonas had stopped to take a rest in. I could finally see his leg. Like Tristan's it wasn't enough to kill him but it wasn't good. Jules was right we needed a first aid kit and a mirror so I could look at my poor face.

After a long time fussing about it, Tristan and Jules went to find a first aid kit. I stayed to look after Jonas's leg. I tore a piece of my jacket and wrapped it around Jonas's leg. Hours past as we waited for Jules and Tristan with the first aid kit, Jonas fell asleep on the bed. And I kept watch for Jules and Tristan to return. But I fell asleep against my will. When I woke up I saw Jules enter with a first aid kit in his hands. But there was more blood on him and he had another wound. This time on his arm like Tristan's was but was deeper.

"Where's Tristan?" Jonas asked waking up and seeing Jules in his bloody state. "Oh man, Jules don't tell me."

Jules continued to be silent. And Jonas and I knew it was true. Tristan was no longer with us. "What happened" I asked. Standing up and taking the first aid kit.

"We were attacked again by spears and arrows. Tristan went for the first aid kit and was stabbed in the chest with one of the spears. He told to get the first aid kit and run" Jules explained.

Jonas growled in anger. "You just left him there and let the ghost have his body! What kind of friend are you!" Jonas yelled, punching Jules in the face. Jules throw the first aid kit over to me and hit Jonas back.

"There was nothing I could do he died straight after. And I had to get back to you guys. "Jules exclaimed back at Jonas who was still angry.

"GUYS STOP IT! Tristan wouldn't want you guys fighting! Now let's get fixed up and get out of here." I tell them and opened the first aid kit. We all took off our jackets. Jules's coat was covered in his blood and Tristan's blood. I put antibiotic and bandages on both boys, and then looked at a mirror that was inside the first aid kit and did the same to my face. When I looked up I could see Jonas and Jules giving each other the evil eye.

Jonas, of course wanted revenge and blamed Jules for Tristan's death. And Jules kept telling him he was stupid for believing that.

The three of us walked down the path that Jules and Tristan's took. Jonas and I both saw the blood pile that had to be Tristan's. With an exchange of sad looks we continued to follow Jules, though the tension between Jonas and Jules was strong. And was something that could be used against us.

We ended up at the bathroom at the end of the hallway. It was clean as a new pair of shoes. But nothing was there for us to get out of there with so we left downstairs again.

The Moldy, Watery Blood was gone but the smell wasn't. The furniture was ruined and the table was crushed to pieces. I didn't realize it but Jonas was still limping but his hatred hasn't left. I watched to last two boys exchange looks was we walked in the kitchen.

We started to look for keys or something to open the front door with. I was looking through the compartments in the kitchen table for any keys or something. When a knife flow past my head and cut off a piece of Jules's hair. I turned around and saw a very angry Jonas. Jules looked at him.

"what is your problem half bred!" Jules exclaimed. Now angry that a big chunk of his hair was cut off and pinned to the wall with the knife Jonas throw.

Jonas didn't answer. He pushed me into the closed oven across from the table and jumped out it and attacked Jules. I watched as both boys took turns beating each other to pieces. For some reason I remembered Tristan and the tears fell down my face as I remember him saying that Jules and Jonas would kill each other if they were along. And he was right. But it wasn't because of a disagreement they had in art class. This fight was about the death of our friend. Jonas truly thought it was Jules's fault.

Which part of me agreed with it? Jules could have helped him or stopped him from running for that first aid kit if he knew there was a trap there. But this fighting wasn't right.

I tried to move to stop them but my feet wouldn't move and I couldn't find my voice to scream when I saw something I never thought would really happen. Jonas took Jules by the shirt and throw him over the table. Then he took the knife that was lying there and out of uncontrolled rage. Jonas stabbed Jules in the same place as Tristan was. My voice return and I let out the scream that should have come out moments ago. And I fell to my knees, my eyes filled with fear. When Jonas realize what he did his eyes had the same look as mind.

He was covered in Jules's blood just like Jules was covered in Tristan's Blood. He looked over at me. His face full with shock, but before he could speak a word. The tornado wind appeared again and throwing me and Jonas against the nearest wall. We both were knocked out but before my eyes close I saw the sun rise and Jules's body disappeared with the wind.

When I opened my eyes I saw Jonas sitting on his knees at the pile of blood that belonged to Jules. I slowly got up to my feet and walked to him. He was saying "I killed him, I really killed him." To himself with a nervous tone.

I stepped over the blood splatter and went the front door. And tried to open it. But it wouldn't open. "It's no use young girl you and the boy are doomed. Two down and only two left." came a voice behind me. I turned around to see no other but the ghost himself. Jonas must have heard his voice. Because he came running with another clean knife from the kitchen. I looked at him "NO DON'T DO IT!" I screamed to Jonas but he once again ran to attack the ghost but before he came less than a foot to him, the ghost was take from him and stabbed him in the same place as my other two friends. I watched as blood ran out his mouth and his eyes became lifeless as he fell to the floor.

All of them was gone except for me. But I had no intention to fight. I allowed the death that was coming to me. I felt my feet fall under me as I drifted into unconsciousness, as I heard the police brake down the back door of the old house. But they were too late to safe any of us.

My eyes closed and I felt my body go numb. I would never get to graduate like I planned. None of us would graduate as we planned. Only thing that could be heard was the evil laugh of the ghost.

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