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Breakdown pt.2

"Meg, Meg, MEGHAN! WAKE UP!"

Meghan heard a voice yelling at her through her consciousness. When she opened her eyes, she saw that the person yelling at her was Ron. She blinked in confusion. When did Ron get here? She thought. Wait where is here?

She looked around her surroundings. She wasn't in a hospital or in a house but in the middle of trees. She blinked again in confusion.

"What happened? Where am I?" Meghan asked in somewhat confusion.

"Remember, we found Maria's body and you fainted." Tristan started to explain. "I called Seth and Ron before the police and the ambulance got to Maria's body."

"We got here a good few hours before they did. Thanks to Ron's crazy driving and the fact that the Police and Ambulance people are so slow." Seth stated.

Meghan looked at the other two boys.

"So you two know everything right?" She asked as Seth helped her stand up.

Seth and Ron nodded.

"Yeah I figured, Jonas's would do something like this." Seth replied.

"He is so stupid, it's a shock he hasn't got caught yet" Ron stated.

Meghan sighed. She knew they were right oh so right. And yet Tristan and she were stuck in the middle of this mess. Some friend Jonas is to drag us in on this. Wait no he didn't, we wanted to stop him but we didn't make it in time.

"What do we do now?" Tristan asked joining the group.

Seth thought for a moment.

"We need to find Jonas before the cops do. There is going to be a candle lighting for Maria tonight at the school. My guess is Jonas's next move will be…"

"Coby" Meghan finished for Seth

"Bingo" Seth replied

"Wait are we really going to get into this Seth? We really don't know Jonas that well" Ron stated.

Seth looked at Ron and nodded.

"It's true that I could get a God Damned About what happens Jonas. But Tristan and Meghan are in this mess too and they are our friends." Seth replied to Ron

The look in Ron's eyes told Meghan that he agreed. What a big happy messed up family this was. She did feel bad for putting Ron and Seth into this whole mess of crap. But Tristan and she could do this on their own and they seemed strong enough to stop Jonas and at least hold him down until Tristan and she could talk some sense into him.

"Hold on What if he gets the dumb idea of killing himself after he kills Coby!" Tristan exclaimed in what seemed like fear and terror.

Meghan looked at Tristan for a long while. Jonas wasn't that stupid was he? Meghan found herself asking that again. In all truth he was that stupid as Ron said before.

"It's possible" Seth replied.

"We better get back up to the school before everyone gets there and see's us. We are going to be in enough trouble as it is" Ron stated and head to his car.

Seth and Tristan followed after him. Meghan stood still for a while and then found the strength in her legs to run after them.

Ron parked his car in the student parking a lot. Everyone got out and started walking to the school. Ron and Seth went in the front to let in Tristan and Meghan from the back.

No one was there yet and officer Bronx was never around anyways neither was the security guard Bo. But then again they would easily out run Old Bo.

When Tristan and Meghan made it to the Back way entrance to the school they realized the door was unlocked. Jonas must have picked the lock.

"Meg Look" Tristan said to her

Meghan turned around and saw that there was another car parked in the woods near the pond. It had to be Jonas's car. He was already here. Just as Seth thought he was.

"Do you think Seth and Ron will run into him?" She asked Tristan.

"I don't think so. Jonas doesn't want us to see him. We aren't the ones he is after." Tristan replied to her as Seth and Ron appeared at the door.

"It looked as if it was picked." Seth looked at the door.

"It was. It's not hard to pick any lock in this school." Ron stated also looking at the door lock.

"Damn it! What is this? A James bond movie?" Seth stated aggrvatedly.

"Seems like doesn't it? I think it's pretty cool, other than the part where we aren't playing." Ron stated. "Breaking in and first degree murder. Jonas's is due for some heavy jail time after all this."

"What about us?" Tristan asked suddenly nervous.

"As long as we tell them what we know we may just have to pay a fee of some kind. But let's worry about that assuming he doesn't kill us too" Seth replied.

"Why would he do that?" Tristan asked as he walked in the school.

"To cover his tracks." Meghan replied to him.

"Man, we watch too much CSI and NCIS" Seth said to Meghan

She Smiled.

"Well it's going to safe our ass at this point." Meghan replied.

Seth nodded and they followed Ron and Tristan deeper into the school. They heard footsteps coming up from behind them.

Ron and Tristan ran into a classroom up the hallway and Seth and Meghan hide in the one closer to them.

The footsteps got closer until they saw who they belonged to.

Coby. He was here and headed to the art room it seemed like.

Seth and Meghan looked at each other.

Jonas was going to Kill Coby too.

Coby disappeared down the hallway. Seth and Meghan regrouped with Ron and Tristan.

"God Damn it!" Seth exclaimed softly. "That bastard!"

"This isn't good" Meghan said watching down the hallway after Coby. "We need to hurry"

Tristan nodded in agreement.

The four of them ran and quietly as they could to the art room. Tristan stopped at the gym where the Candle lighting for Maria was going to be. He saw Coby in the center of the gym.

"GUYS!" Tristan exclaimed when he saw Jonas in the corner on the bleachers.

Seth and Ron ran full speed to gym doors and opened them. Meghan and Tristan were right behind them.

When Jonas pulled the trigger, Tristan jumped and pulled Coby to cover. The scene seemed like it was in slow motion. Tristan jumped and dragged Coby to the ground, Seth and Ron running up the bleachers and the Bullets flying out of Jonas's gun and Hitting Coby in the leg and The Tristan in the arm.

Both boys hit the floor. Tristan rolled over on his back holding on to his arm. Cody held on to leg and was rolling around in a painful motion.

"TRISTAN!" Meghan and Seth yelled in unison.

Ron grabs hold of Jonas and forced him into a headlock forcing him to drop the gun.

Seth and Meghan ran to Tristan and Coby.

"Give me your belt Meghan! So I can tied around Coby's leg" Seth exclaimed as he sat down on his knees next to Coby.

Meghan did as she was told and did the same next to Tristan.

Tristan's Wound didn't look as bad as Coby's. But he was losing blood. Meghan pulled out her cell phone and quickly called the ambulance and police again. After explaining and answering tons of questions she finally hung up her phone and put it in her pocket. She took off her coat and put it on Tristan's wound and pressed down on it to stop the bleeding.

"Tristan can you hear me?" Meghan asked.

Tristan nodded and she could tell he was in a lot of pain.

"What about Coby?" Tristan hazily asked her.

Before she could say anything Seth replied,

"He is going to live. But he may lose his leg."

Meghan's Eyes widen but she kept her mind on stopping Tristan's bleeding and keeping him talking.

Ron forced Jonas down the stair of the bleachers. He still had him in a headlock.

It didn't take the ambulance and the police along to get to the school this time. The police took Jonas into the police car and the ambulance took Tristan and Coby to the hospital.

Seth told one of the cops that we came early to the candle light ceremony to help with some flowers and with some candle lighting. When we saw Jonas pointing his gun at Coby he also told them that Jonas had been saying he was going to kill Coby and Maria for cheating on him.

Seth and Meghan left to Wash Tristan's and Coby's Blood off them as Ron started to ask around what was going to happen to Tristan, Coby, and Jonas.

The smell of blood filled Meghan's nose.

"What are going to tell Cassie?" Meghan asked Seth as they finished washing their hands in the art room.

"I'll tell her what happened. She went to the hospital with Tristan and is supposed to call and tell me if she is told anything." He replied as they walked back to the gym.

Ron meat them halfway to the gym, he had a seriously mad look on his face.

"Jonas's is going to be questioned and given a lawyer. He could be charged for Murder, Attempt of murder, and break in." Ron said to them. "His bail is up in the thousands. Until his trail, he will stay in jail possibly."

Seth and Meghan nodded.

"Come on let's get to the hospital." Seth replied.

Three years later, Coby got a fake leg and went through therapy to learn how to walk again, Cassie and Seth got engaged, and Jonas was sentenced to another 2 years in jail and then he was to go straight into asylum for mental treatment. Meghan Ron, Tristan, and Seth were forced to attend Jonas's trial and to speak on the stand.

This is one event that none of them will ever forget, especially Meghan and Tristan.

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