Meghan sat on her bed with her notebook of short stories on her knees opened to a blank page. She looked through her backpack for something to write with. The idea in her mind was a spoof of what she was really going through. She found a pen at the bottom of her bag and through her bag over the edge of her bed. She then looked down at her cell phone to see if she had gotten a reply from the text message she had sent a few minutes ago. However there was no text message on her phone. She looked down at her notebook and thought about what it was that had inspired her for the story she was going to write. Meghan moved the notebook on her knees to her bed. She grabbed her journal and began to write down what was really going on in her head.

She wrote about how Tristan and Jonas had changed out of nowhere and completely just took the rug out from under her. She felt so lost and betrayed. Janet was the only other person that she had talked to about this other than now that she was writing about it in her journal. She honestly didn't know Jonas that well, she had only met him senior year of high school in art class, but he seemed so nice and she truly believed that she had him figured out after hanging out with him within that year. But she was wrong once again. Tristan on the other hand was a total surpised. He was supposed to be her best guy friend. Janet was her right hand and Tristan was supposed to be her left hand. She never thought he would rather be around Jonas, who used him and did nothing but ignored him.

Meghan sighed and felt the tears roll down her face. She didn't want to lose such a close friend. It felt like she was being ripped apart from the inside out. She looked down at her journal and at what she has wrote down. She closed her journal and took out the book that Tristan had gotten her and read the note he had put on the back of it.

The note read:


Thank you so much for being a real friend. You are a kind and loving person and I am so lucky to have you as a friend.


Meghan closed the back end of the book and sat it back on her bookshelf. She shook her head and continued to cry again. That note had touched her heart the first time she had read it. But now after all this, it felt like a lie. Like everything else she thought Tristan said was, nothing but lies. She put her hand over her mouth as she continued to sob.

Suddenly her cell phone vibrated and she jumped in shock as it did so. She quickly grabbed it in hopes that it was Tristan answering her. She looked at it and no surpised, it wasn't him, and it was Janet.

Hey you okay girl?

The text from Janet said.

Meghan looked down at her phone. Disappointment and stupidity came over her like a bad rash. She sighed and told Janet what she wanted to hear.

I'm good.

Her fingers ran over each key as she typed in all those letters. It was a big lie with not so many letters. In truth, she wasn't good. She was broken again. Meghan hadn't felt this much pain since her first boyfriend, Lenny cheated on her and forced her to break up with him. This time one of her so called best friends was just blowing her off and treating her like all the others. That is until they wanted something from her. It was ironic because Tristan was jump rant to her about Jonas always just wanting something from him.

Meghan just rolled her eyes and sat her cell phone next to her journal. She picked up her pen and her notebook and let the words come flowing out of her mind. She wrote down everything from memory but changed names and added some small minor details. she heard her mother yelled for her from the living room, she looked at her notebook and realized that she had wrote at least four full pages. She was close to the end of it, just like she was close to the end with both Jonas and Tristan. This short story would be the last story of her series about imaginary situation about her friends.

Meghan got up and walked into the living room to see what her mother wanted. In the back of her mind, she was thinking about the perfect way to end the story. As her mother speak to her, she came up with the perfect idea. She was going to end not just a short story series but also a bond to two people who she thought where her friends. Both were going to hurt her and leave a scar on her for a long time. But she still had other friends who cared about her that she knew. It didn't stop the pain. No anxiety or depression medicine was going to help her with this oneā€¦

The End

MK: this is a very personal short story and its an ending for many things. not just a series but also an ending of trust, friendship, and so much other stuff.

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