Chain of Memories. A goddess whom is believed to be the Guardian of Memories. She protects memories of the living, both good, and bad. She takes form of a sweet eleven year old girl, with unreachable pure blue eyes, beautiful pale white skin, a pure white summer dress and light blonde mid-length hair. All doors of memories from the deceased are precious to her. She had a reason to live..seeing their offspring and pets bounce around happily. Until one day..a door of complete darkness appeared. All the sadness, hatred..all the envy and nothingness consumed her. Everything was taken from her. For thousands of years..she had nothing. Her treasures had been consumed by darkness. She mourned..longed for the happiness of the living. But one day..the soul of a boy appeared. He was pure as she once was. She envied him-yet she wanted to keep him safe-him and his memories. Even though they were full of sorrow-nothing stopped him from being happy. She realized, once she looked in his brown eyes..the thing that kept him going was so simple-a trivial thing, to be exact. He lived-even though for a short time. He existed..even though it was one time.