is a snippet from a much longer idea. Okay just some things i believe you should know before you read. They don't have names because the girl in an early conversation said she doesn't like titles. He's a senior, she's a junior, and her mom is really really bad. There is also drinking and use of pot in this. Okay. i think that's everything. Enjoy!

I opened my eyes and saw her staring at me. We were in her bed, since she had forced me to take a nap with her. In the most innocent way possible. My arm was wrapped around her waist, and she was biting her lip slightly in the cutest way.

"Give me your phone," she mumbled, her eyes not leaving mine. I reached into my pocket, and handed her the device. She glanced at the screen for a second or so, and then jumped up from her bed. "Get up" she ordered, and she ran to her closet.

"What if I didn't want to?" I said, stretching, a big yawn taking over my body. She came out from behind the door with no shirt on. My eyes nearly fell out of my head.

"I would force you." she said simply, pulling an oversized sweater over her body.

"And if I still didn't get up."

She had walked back into the closet, but this time came up, pulling a pair of legging up her legs. "I would tell my mother to call her friends, because there is a lovely young man waiting in bed for someone to have fun with. Do you really want that?"

I clenched my jaw and got up. She smiled at me, and walked yet again into the closet. I followed her in, and saw her pulling on a pair of ankle boots. She smiled at me and came over and fixed my hair.

"Can you drive? I really don't feel like driving tonight" she said, walking out of the tiny closet and into her room.

"Where are we driving too?" I looked at my phone. "It's eight already."

I watched as she walked over to her drawer and rummage around for something. She pulled out a box of cigarettes and smiled in triumph.

"Well, parties in Jordan usually go on until past four, so if you hurry up." She walked out of the room and I heard her galloping down the stairs. I rubbed my face with my hand. She had some type of pull over me. I couldn't say no. When I got outside, she was standing by my car, blowing smoke from her lips.

"Did you ask your mom?"

She rolled her eyes. "The bitch doesn't care anyway." I side stepped her and slid into the car. She stomped on the cigarette and climbed in the other side. "Such a gentle man you are." she said, and patted my face.

"Where are we going" I stated simply. She put her feet up on the dashboard and turned up the radio.

"Just get us to the highway big boy. I'll tell you where to go from there."

By the time we found the huge house, it was over filled with cars. The music was extremely loud, and I could tell it was going to be packed. She jumped out of my car, ran up next to me, and grabbed my hand.

"The trick is, to pretend you are from around here. We go to school here, and know stuff about this place. Once the drinks are poured and the stuff is smoked, no one cares anyway."

I looked down at her. "Seems like you've done this before."

She smirked and led us to the door. "Never with someone else."

The girl was a natural at this. She held on to my hand and smiled at random people. Someone even hugged her. Some people where asking who I was. She introduced me and her boyfriend from college. I liked that much more than I should.

"Welcome to the world of sex, drugs and alcohol." she picked up a beer bottle and held her arms out as she did a 360. I grabbed a beer too, and her smile got even wider. "Well look, I'm corrupting you, champ" she said as she grabbed my hand again. She pulled me to the basement. The smoke was so thick you could probably cut it with a knife. I tried not to cough.

"What are we doing down here, babe." I said, remembering we were supposed to be a couple for the night. She ignored me and just pulled me to a corner. She flashed a smile at the guy standing there and he handed her two cigarettes.

"I understand if you don't want it. It's pot. Maybe it will help loosen you up a bit." she took out her lighter, and took a drag.

My hands were shaking. "Just like a regular cigarette right?" I said. She smiled hugely at me and nodded. I took the lighter and pulled the smoke into my mouth. I blew it out and the world was already starting to feel a bit lighter. I caught her staring me, with such an innocent look on her face. "Keep staring at me bucko, and I'll call the police."

She shook her head and giggled. "Did I ever tell you how fucking hot you look when you smoke?"

I smirked down at her. I closed my eyes and took another drag.

"Fucking hell." I heard her mumble. I took her hand and pulled her back up the stairs. I dragged her to the dance floor.

"Dance with me baby." I said, and pulled her so close to me, I could feel her every breath.

The night moved on and my girl had disappeared. Suddenly I was dancing with a blonde, with big red lips, who smelled of alcohol. She pushed herself against me.

"Wanna go upstairs" she purred.

"I'm sorry. I came with someone else." I don't know why I pushed her away. She had told me to loosen up a bit, but I didn't want to sleep with her. I stared to look around for my girl, wondering where she had disappeared. My eyes caught her swaying in the corner by the music, her eyes closed. I walked up to her, and placed my arms around her waist.

"What's up butter cup" I mumbled. She giggled.

"Where's the girl"

"Eh, left her on the floor."

She turned to look at me. "Well that's interesting, usually a girl asks a guy up to a room, and well he complies very easily."

"Seems like you have experience."

"It's much easier to steal a watch if you pretend you want sex and then say your leaving to get a condom."

I raised my eyes brows at her. "He was a jerk." was all she said. The beat of the music picked up and I pulled her flush against me.

"So why did you say no to her." she said not meeting my eyes.

I leaned down to her ear. "Maybe she wasn't the one I wanted to sneak upstairs with."

I heard her breath catch.

"You wanna go up" I said. I think the pot was talking. She barely nodded her head. I grabbed her hand and we ran up the stairs. I pulled her farther down the long hallway and smiled in triumph when I found an open bedroom. The door closed behind us, and my lips were on hers, and everything felt right. I trapped her between the door and my body, our lips connecting us together. She fell on top of me, as I walked backward and fell on the bed. . I basically growled into the kiss, and I flipped us over.

"Jesus" she breathed, throwing her head back as I kissed down her throat.

"Not my name, honey." I said. She laughed a breezy laugh and pulled my face back up to hers. My hands slipped up under her shirt, and her tangled in my hair. I felt the goose bumps on her skin and smiled. My hands reached her bra, and I slipped a hand behind to unclasp it. She jumped up, and pushed herself away from me.

"No" she was breathing hard.

"Shit, I'm sorry" I ran my hand through my hair. She shook her head.

"Not your fault, just bad, bad memories."

I took her hand and rubbed my thumb over her skin. Once she calmed down, and pulled her close to me, and just let out heartbeats fill the emptiness of the room.

"I always use to watch those movies. Where the guy and the girl slip into the room and then they never told you what happened next. I would always wonder. I made a promise to myself, that one day I would find out. I put on my bucket list that I would take the prettiest girl at the party, and we would go into the room, and when the door closed I would find out what happened."

She pulled away from me, and I saw some tears glistening in her eyes.

"That's a check of my list" she shook her head at me and then her lips where on mine again. She straddled me and popped some of the buttons on my shirt.

"Let's get out of here" she said, her lips dancing on my throat.

"Where too"

"Are your parent's home" her voice wasn't even a whisper.

"Gone for the weekend"

Her eyes lit up. She jumped off the bed.

"Can you drive?"

I walked up behind her and kissed the back of her neck.

"Yea, let's go"

The house was so quiet when we got back. I felt myself get nervous at the fact that I was bringing her home. Yes, she had taken me to her house, but that was different. Her mom was home for one and the look in her eyes at the party, and the way she kissed me, I could feel that this was different.

"Your house is fucking huge"

I turned and looked at her. Her eyes where wide, and her teeth had sunken into her lip. Just looking at her made me excited.

"C'mon, I'll show you my room" I took her hand and led her up the stairs to my room. I flicked on the lights and she stopped short.

"Your room is fucking huge."

I smiled at her, licked my lips. Her eyes gazed at the walls, filled with books, and a few band posters. She let go of my hand and walked to the corner.

"Holy shit, you have a record player!" her hands danced over the records I had on the wall. "I love this group. How did you find them on vinyl" she placed it on the player and closed her eyes as the music played through. I walked over to her, and cautiously placed my hands on her waist.

"They only sold like 50 of them, and I was lucky enough to get one."

She sighed, and opened her eyes to look at me. "Are you going to kiss me or is this going to be like the last time."

My eye brows knitted in confusion.

"Last time you kissed me, you barley talked to me when I got back. I never said I didn't like it. You ran away before I had to respond."

I slowly started to sway her to the music and I gently pressed my lips against hers. She smiled into my lips, and then pushed us back onto my bed.

"Some one's feisty" I said kissing down her throat.

She didn't answer me, just growled and she placed us in the position we were early.

"What should I call you" I asked, my hands making quick work of her sweater, throwing it across the room. She just pressed her lips to mine again, and pulled my shirt over my head. Her hands moved to my belt, and I pushed them away gently.

"We don't have to do this" I whispered, brushing a piece of her hair behind her ear. She rolled her eyes, and pushed me back on the bed with one hand.

"Shut up"

I listened to her. I pulled her closer to me, and we rolled under the sheets.

I woke up when it was still dark out. I looked over at her, and smiled because she looked so peaceful when she was sleeping. I quietly climbed out of the bed and walked over to my drawer so I could get some pajama bottoms. She had my shirt on. I clenched my fists and thought about what she was going to think when she woke up. We where both stoned and drunk, with no real control over our bodies. But I remembered everything, the way her lips felt against mine, the way her head fell back when I kissed down her stomach. The way she smiled at me when I told her she was beautiful. I dug through her pockets and found the cigarettes. I cracked open the balcony door and lit the cancer stick. I took a drag and let the smoke fly into the early morning air.

"Did I ever tell you how fucking sexy you look when you do that."

I turned and looked at her. She was stretching, her hands nearly hitting the wall. I saw she never buttoned my shirt, so there was a strip of bare skin peaking out down her middle.

"I think you mentioned something about that last night."

She stared at the ceiling and tapped her hands on her stomach. "Your parents won't like me."

I tossed the cigarette and walked over to her. "Why not."

"I'm a bad influence with no name"

"We could make up a name."

She rolled her eyes. "You're missing the point." She couldn't look me in the eyes.

"I really enjoyed last night."

She swallowed hard. "You are a guy."

"Yea, but it was with you." My hand traced up her arm. She turned her back to me.

"I'm just letting you know, you are amazing." I said.

She laughed a bit. "Again, you are a guy."

I turned her so she was facing me. "Yes, and you are the girl I call my girl."

"I consider you my best friend, since you are my only one. This" she said indicating around the room "does not change this status."

I took her hand and kissed palm. "Don't worry; you're my best friend too."

She shook her head and yanked my arm, causing me to fall on top of her.

"By noon this becomes normal again." she pressed her lips into mine. I was perfectly fine with that proposal.

Taadaa! Lol. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Sorry for grammar like always. Let me know your thoughts on it. Thanks for reading :D