You could surrender to fear of what lurks in the night

Curl up in bed and cower in fright

Flinching and trembling at every strange sight

Wishing fervently to be saved from this plight

But you'll only be freed at the return of the light

And I do not say this out of cruel spite

But for me the safety of darkness is my only respite

I feel too exposed when the sun is too bright

And the anxiety curls up in my stomach so tight

Only in darkness can my soul take flight

Moving about freely as though I'm a kite

No longer weighed down by my strength or my height

With that curtain of obscurity I can feel my own might

And finally believe I have a chance in this fight

Gone are the insecurities that constantly bite

They the darkness allows me to smite

And for once in my life I don't worry if I'm right