She sat with a candy bar in her hands, a small smile gracing her delicate features. It was her favorite and she hadn't been able to get her hands on one in over a year. It was so hard to find, it was small, smaller than her palm and imported from some strange exotic country but she loved everything about it.

She unwrapped the wrapper delicately, savoring every moment and placed the bare chocolate bar on tray next to her salad, toast, glass of water, posh red apple and light yogurt.

Her mood brightened as her group of friends came and sat down next to her. They chatted away happily and joked around amiably.

She joined the conversation casually and easily, sliding into her role with ease. Taking her time eating her food, careful not to choke on her food, she ate with a small happiness bubbling inside of her.

She finished her food and grabbed the chocolate bar, happy to finally be able eat it. She took a bite and savored it. It melted in her mouth immediately and the flavors burst in her mouth.

One friend turned to her a let out a sly smile, "Fatty." He joked casually.

Another turned and joined in, "Yeah oh my god you're so fat. Just kidding!" She teased lightly.

She let out a tight smiled and laughed along with the rest of her friends but her stomach twisted and turned into knots as she stared at the chocolate bar now in her hands. She could feel her stomach already bulging out slightly and the was suddenly aware of all the thin layers of fat that lined her body.

She felt the familiar disgust creeping up on her and every flaw about her became prominent in her mind. Her friends laughed and continued their conversation.

They got up and turned to her, "You coming?" They asked, motioning for her to join. She nodded with a tight smile and got up to join them. Tossing her tray, she walked up to them.

Not one of them had she noticed she had tossed out her unfinished chocolate bar.