Standing here with my bags in hand

My eyes are brimming but your eyes sit clear

With shaking hands I wipe those tears

I didn't want us to end

I didn't want us to burn

I didn't want for it to end this way

I wanted to stay

I wanted to thrive

I wasted this to last a lifetime

But all stories come to an end

All dreams woken up from

Though if I look deep down honestly

I would say this was a nightmare

Constant fighting and bickering

Always watching my every word, every move

Making sure I didn't upset you

Tiptoeing on that thin line that we wove

A web of confusion and pain

Was sown in our roots

And dipped in poison

It was poison

We were poison

Everything about us

You accepted it so easily

But me, it takes more time

I can't believe it

I can't accept it

Even though I saw it firsthand

Constantly at odds

We were challenged at least

Constant fighting and the yelling

It was like we could never win

It's time for me

To accept that maybe just maybe

We just weren't meant to be

That we were too opposite

To ever attract