Inner Demon

I can no longer keep the voice at bay.

Why won't it simply go away?

Why must I suffer so,

From the hateful words that flow?

Constantly flow through my mind.

It keeps me so confined.

I simply wish to feel,

Something other than this hate so real.

I wish to finally silence this voice,

So in the lights glow I might rejoice.

I'm tired of my dead smile.

I'm tired of my heart filled with bile.

I wish to look people in the eyes,

Without my friendly guise.

I wish to finally come clean.

I wish to finally say what I mean.

The hate has been bottled up inside,

And my love and compassion have dried.

I feel used and controlled.

My inner demon has its hold.

Hate planted the seed,

And from the depths of my mind it was freed.

I've let it have its way for too long.

Now is the time I learn to be strong.

It is time to settle the score,

For my mind has become a war.

This is a battle I cannot lose.

I can no longer keep up this ruse.

This war is a large endeavor,

But it is now or never.