I'm falling,

It hurts when no one's there to catch you,

Is it me you have outgrew?

I'm falling,

You are a drug, and I am your addict,

It's you I handpicked.

I'm falling!

Don't make me do it anymore,

I cant stand the stupor!

I'm falling,

You are a disease, and I am in-curable,

And I knew weren't very faithful!

I'm falling,

Every time I learn to climb out of my deep pit,

You laugh and push me right back in it.

I'm falling,

The landing is harsh,

The bottom made of marsh.

I'm falling,

The air around me grows dark,

My breathing grows shallow, I'm ready for your last remark.

I"m falling...

My head falls to the side,

In side, I have died.

I have fallen.