"Well, this is the end of the exhibit!" the woman giving us a tour of the museum announced happily. "The gift shop is over there. Feel free to walk around and look at the statues of mythology as long as you like." she said with a smile, and walked away.

"Class, those who want to go to the gift shop, go on ahead. Otherwise, like she said, feel free to tour the museum, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything." Mr. Will said, and everyone dispatched.

I walked over to an statue that caught my attention. "Oh, you have nice eyes Mr. Frost." Mr. Will said, looking impressed at me.

"I guess so.. What is this.. statue, anyway?" It was kinda hard to describe. It showed a few clear things. There were obviously clouds in the thick and hard stone. Meteors shot up in the air instead of coming from the air, towards the ground. And there was a fight. Though, the fight was what confused me. It looked like there were four orb of lights above the sky, where the meteors were heading.

"Well, nobody knows exactly what it means. It was found in the ashes of Pompeii, which got buried in ash and pumice by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. When was that city rediscovered?"

At first I wanted to say "like I know" but I held the urge to say that inside. Though NOT saying it burned like hell. "Umm… 1776?" I asked, hoping to guess right.

"No, it's rediscovery was in 1748 slowmo." Martha, the know-it-all friend told me with a huge grin on her face.

"Correct. You're sure to pass the history test. But, your friend here is quite in need for some help." "Don't worry Mr. Will, I got Fang all covered." "I hope so." and then Mr. Will left without another word.

"Why are you such a smart-aleck?" "Fang, smart-alecks are cute and appealing b-t-w" "Pfft, yeah right." "Shut up!" and Martha punched my shoulder playfully. Then we both burst into laughter, only to get shushed by tourists.

"Come on," Martha said, wrapping her arm in mine," I want to show you something."

"Wow, nice find." I told Martha as we stood in front of silver knight armor which had two black large double-sided axes in the back of it crossed to form an X. "Thanks. Don't you wanna know what it is?" "I'm afraid if I ask, you're going to tell me," I sighed, "but tell me anyway." "Yay!" Martha clapped her hands excitedly.

"Well, if you look closely at the axe, you see that skull. Apparently," she said looking at the information plaque, "The axe is constructed from 440 Stainless Steel and features two sharpened blades on each side. The blades of the axe are mounted on a steel ring. The ring features raised Celtic symbols. Vicious spikes are mounted on the steel ring. In the middle of the ring is a highly detailed poly resin skull. The shaft of the axe is steel with a black finish. A steel beaded fitting with a cross balances the handle of the axe. The handle is wire wrapped. The pommel of the axe is an eagle talon gripping a grinning skull. This was the weapon a knight named Zandov. He's said to be a charming, traitor, hero, and somewhere near trustworthy." "Wow, that was all on the plaque?" "Hmm? Oh, no, they can't fit that. I was just looking at when the man's name was." "What? Then why were you still looking at the plaque?" "I was concentrating, duh!" "It's like talking to a parrot.." "Whatever!" and then she punched me in the shoulder again, and I almost fell into the plaque.

"You trying to kill me?" "Maybe" Martha said with I smirk. Man, sometimes she can be annoying. Time to use the Martha-stopping-video. "Oh, I think I know something that might make me pass out with laughter.." I said, then smirked when and her eyes were wide with shock, . "Stop joking Fang." Martha said, hands on her waist, giving me a warning look. "Remember the play? Oh Romeo, oh Romeo," "Quit it!" Martha commanded, but I continued, "Where fore art thou Romeo!" and acted like I fell on the ground in a face plant. "Huh, I think I have the video on my phone."

"Fang!" but it was too late. I pressed the play button. It showed a video of her falling on top of Romeo, who screamed like a little girl and pissed on his pants, and on her. She screamed and ran back stage as he called "Juliet! Juliet!" as the crowd laughed and people fell on the floor.

Martha covered her face. "That was so embarrassing." she mumbled. I laughed so hard that I touched the knight's armor with my hand for support. "Phew, that was funny."

She removed her face from her hands, opened her mouth to say something but stopped, her eyes wide in horror. "Come on, it wasn't that bad." I was about to take my hand of the knight's armor when I saw a bright white light flicker in the knights direction. I felt it shift, and yanked my hand away, then turned to see black mist appear in the armor. The mist formed into mist-like hands, then into legs, and even a head.

The hands reached on one of the axes from it's back, took it by the handle and sliced down diagonally, slicing a thread of my black hair. I looked at the knight and stared at him in terror.

"It's good to be back" A sinister other-worldly voice said somewhere in the armor. "You were the one who reawakened me? Hmph, if only you didn't. You could've lived longer. I thinki it's about time..." he said, his red eyes glowing darker and intensifying each time he talked,"It's time for you to perish, wingless angel."

And then, red lights appeared in it's head, and darted around in the smoky form. I realized it was it's eyes. He grabbed the other axe with his other hand and dashed at me.