As we walk up to the house I stare at my paper to make sure the address matches. The house is white and big. There seems to be about four different windows on the bottom floor alone and another two on the top floor with a balcony resting in middle with a sliding door. Sitting on the balcony is wooden couch and chairs sitting around something I am unable to see. All the windows seem to be covered and one has light shining from behind it. The entrance sits in the middle of the house between all of the windows.

Annie and I stare at each blankly. "Maybe we came to the wrong place." Annie says after a few minutes of us standing there waiting for something to just happen.

"I don't think so after all I saw it in my vision." I tell her with uncertainty in my voice. "So let's just give it a little more time please." I say desperately.

"Well if so can we try and find a place to go inside until it starts. I'm freezing!" Annie tells me as she starts to shiver.

"But if we leave this spot we could miss the party. Just a little longer, please."

"Really we will not miss the party. I may not know much about them but I'm sure know that they don't end quickly."

I don't say another word as we walk off from the house. I stare at all the houses as we passed, amazed that they could be so big. Some of them have amazing designs I thought could only be real in movies. But as we keep walking I start to notice that the houses go from really big to somewhat big to medium to regular houses. Then we finally get to a street that is all lit up. There is Wal-Mart store sitting across the street with a big parking lot. Across the other side of the parking lot are a few fast food restaurants. On the other road is just a bar field.

We carefully jaywalk across the street getting someone to honk at us, and head over to Wal-Mart to warm up. As we walk in a blast of hot air hits us and I my fingers start to feel a little singe of pain. I just follow Annie as she walks around the store. We eventually end up in the clothes department to look at some clothes until we warm up and then we leave going back the same path we came.

When we return back to the house quite a few more windows are light up. We hear rap music coming from the house.

Out of nowhere my pocket starts to vibrate. I pick it out of my pocket to see the word mom. I answer the phone as soon as I walk away from the house.

"H-hello…" I answer.

"Why are you not home?" My mom asks me a little too calmly.

"I'm at Annie doing my homework and I guess I lost track of time, I'm sorry." I tell. "Fine, then be home soon."

"Can I spend the night at Annie's?"

"Not tonight."


"That don't work on me. And you better be home soon!" She demands.

"Fine got to go bye." I lie to her knowing I will pay later.

"Is everything ok?" Annie asks me.

"Ya, just don't expect me to be out late for a while my mom is going to ground me." I tell her as I sigh again and turn off my phone.

Understanding the situation she tells me "Let's just head into the house."

We just walk into the warm house to be overwhelmed with music and quite a few people just standing around holding red cups in hand while mingling. There is this stairway right in front of us and to the right of the stair way is a hallway leading to another room. There we stand not too far from the entrance next to the shoes and the coat rack that are hung off the wall. A welcome rug is at the front of the door way. The other side of us was another hallway leading to a room with people cheering.

I head to that room forgetting about Annie my curiosity consuming me. I pass more people just mingling in between the rooms and almost bump into a few other people who rush past me. The room is all lit up showing off the pictures. A window sits across the room being covered by the burgundy drapes. In the middle of the room is a group of people circling around an auburn table. Two people stand at one end and then another two at the other side. Everyone seems to be watching this ball as it lands in a cup and that guy sitting next to the cup drinks it.

I slowly slip out of that room to find people sitting on the two couches that are across the room from each other. A glass table covered in plastic cups separates them from each other. In the front of the room is a flat screen television sitting on top of fireplace. Some of the other the people in the room are just standing around just talking to one another or dancing to the music or walking around. The lights in this room are a little dimmed.

Someone taps me on the shoulder I turn around to find this dark curly hair guy. His eyes seem to be blue. "Hey, how are you doing?" he says smoothly.

"Good I guess." I say to him as I stare at him blankly.

"So what's your name?"

"Erin I'm sorry but I don't have time to chat I've got things to do." I tell him as I am about to walk away but he puts his hands on my shoulder.

In what seems like an instant this room pops up before my eyes. It's all lit up and there is a door right next a poster of a girl and under the poster is a bench and some weights. A little past that is computer desk with a bunch of games scattered on it. A picture of another girl sits next to the computer stand, also a window that shinning some light on the couch and couple chairs sitting in front of the television hanging from the wall. Across from that is a bed with the guy I was just talking to staring intently and gripping this picture of 'that girl' and him standing next to each other and smiling. Out of nowhere he throws the picture on the ground and screams why over and over again as the pieces of glass goes everywhere.

I come back to see his hand on shoulder.

"So what a pretty girl like you doing all by herself." I stare at him speechless. "Are you ok there, Erin?"

"Ya, I am fine." I say as I shake my head. "So umm…what's your name?"


"Sorry for earlier I guess I was a bit rude."

"It's ok." He says with a smirk. "So you want to get away from all this loud music?"

"I guess." I say with a shrug.

As we walk into the front room I bump into someone and her drink spills all over. I'm about to apologize to her until I get a real good look at her and become speechless.

She is dressed in low cut shirt and some jeans. Her hair is red, wavy and her bright green eyes are glaring at me.

It's hits me in that instant that this is the girl from my nightmare and the visions. I am so thrown off guard.

"What the hell is your problem bitch watch where you're going!" She yells at me.

"Sophie, what is your problem she just bumped into you on accidently quit being rude." Brandon tells her.

I stand there frozen not sure what to do and she just storms off.

"Thanks." I say with a smile feeling a little relief.

"It was no problem." He smiles at me and I just can't help but smile back.

So we head outside and it is worse than earlier but I just don't care. I start to stare at the stairs I can't help but be amazed by their beauty.

"Now that sounds so much better without all that music" he tells me.

"Ya, definitely. So where did all your friends go?" I can't help but ask.

"They didn't go anywhere I did."

"Oh, and before I forget to ask if you don't mind how did you know that red head girl."

"Well she is my twin sister. She isn't always that rude." He says with a sigh.

"So umm… where do you to go to school?"

"Were playing twenty questions aren't we?" He says with a smirk on his face.

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to integrate you."

"Ok then let's just do a redo and reintroduce ourselves I am Brandon and you are?

"Erin." I say with a giggle.

Then out of nowhere I feel tap my shoulder. I turn around to find Annie. "Erin I need to talk to you."

I turn to him and say "Brandon can you hold on for a second I need to talk to my friend Annie."

We walk back to the house. "Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you. I thought something could have happened to you."

"Please stop that you seem like my mother. I just got overwhelmed I've never been to a real party. And if you cared so much why didn't you follow me?"

"I see how it is you're out having fun while I'm here worry about you. I am going home."

I walk back over to Brandon and say "I just remembered I really have got to take care of something can I have your number and I will call you later?"

"It's two, seven, one, eight, five, three, four, two, three, eight."

"Thanks." Then I walk back into the house without another word.

I have to walk through a couple rooms but finally I find the red head girl in the kitchen. I walk off slowly creeping behind her. She goes off to her friends and grabs herself another drink. She just stands there mingling with her friends for a bit. Then she goes off on her own into the next room and slips outside and lights up a cigarette. I start to walk that way when I see two other girls pass me and head out there.

One of them is a foot taller than me and she has very curly blonde hair. Her eyes are dark brown, she as skinny as a twig.

The other seems to be at my height. She is also a little chubby. Her hair seems to be an oily dark brown and curly.

They all just sit there for a few minutes smoking and talking. The red head throws her cigarette to the side of her and heads back into the house.

I take a deep breath and walk right to her as casual as possible.

"Hey, sorry for knocking your drink all over you?" I tell her.

"Have you been following me?" She questions me.

"I just wanted to apologize. I felt really bad about what happened."

"Oh ok." She says with a sigh. "Well I am sorry myself I am just on edge and all." She tells me with the most frustrate look.

"Are you ok?"

"Ya, just a bad day."

"I could relate to that."

"Doubt full, so what is your name anyway?"

"Erin, what about you?"

"It's Sophie. So if you don't mind me asking what brought you to this party?"

"I needed a break from my family life my mom is a big control freak."

"Oh ok." She says with a laugh.

"So I feel like I know you from somewhere?"

"I don't know where." She pulls out her phone. "Looks like one of my friends is have a crisis or whatever so I got to go." She tells me as she rolls her eyes.

"Oh hey wait…um do you wanna hangout sometime?" I say as awkwardly as possible.

"Umm…why not?" And she pulls out her phone "what your number?"

"Um…two, one, seven, five, three, eight, nine, seven, five, two."

"I sent you a text, later." And she runs off.

I pull my phone from my pocket. As soon as I turn my phone on it alerts me that I have a few voice messages. Ignoring the voice messages I head straight to the text messages to find a text there with an unknown number saying Sophie on it. I add the number to my phone.

Then I just start walking around the house. I end up walking into the living room and just sitting on the couch where there aren't people just making out. Then it just hits me. I get so frustrated realizing I have no ride home. My mind starts to race as I think of a way go home. I can't think of any so I just decide I have no choice but to walk home. So I walk back to the front room and as I am about to leave I end up running back into Annie.

"Why are you still here?" I ask in shock.

"I'm still mad but I can't let you walk home at this time of night. My brother has the car outside."

I hug her from being so happy. "Thank you so much."