She is looking out the window at the rain, her head buds stuck securely in her ears. She is too afraid to look beside her because she doesn't know what she'll see. If only she had.

He's sitting next to a short girl with wild hair. He smiles contentedly down at the melancholy face because he knows she is merely brooding about some thing or another, he knows she is alright.

A random idea occurs to her and she turns happily towards him. She just barely misses his happy expression because they turn at the same time and while she is looking into his face he is staring at the small screen in front of him. Disappointed, she makes to turn away but he looks up at her and she holds his gaze.

"What are you thinking about over there?"

She brightens up realizing he was watching her at one point.

"Oh, you know, cheese, my audition, whether the dome will be square."

He doesn't even blink an eye at her random list of thoughts. To him they make sense, to him they are merely a sign that she is alright.

"I'm sure you'll do fine tomorrow."

She can tell he is talking about the important issue, the one she hid in the middle hoping someone would care enough to find it. Apparently he did.

"I haven't practiced much though. I'll fail. It will be wonderful."

Most would consider this as flippancy. He knows she is worried and he feels the need to comfort her.

"You probably didn't need to practice."

"I know."

He looks back at his phone screen and she turns back to her rain-covered window. They both steal furtive glances at each other and try to be inconspicuous. They both know that the other could never return their feelings and they are merely friends. It's too bad for them that these things aren't true, they're just things they think they know.