Hey :)

Firstly - "Git" - is english slang. Means like an annoying person.

Secondly, thanks Dad for inspiraition.


Grumpy Old Git

You've gotten to the stage,
Where you'll argue black is beige.
You grump and groan,
And whinge and moan,
It must be because of your age.

You really dislike the weather,
And you'll go on about it forever:
"The Sun's too hot!"
"It rains a lot!"
The forecasts not right, ever.

You don't care much for music,
Or the way youngsters use it.
"It's far too loud!"
"They're a bad crowd!"
It makes you want to lose it.

You don't believe in equal rights;
Homosexuals give you a fright!
Muslim or Jew,
Mean nothing to you.
The only colour is white.

You've become set in your ways,
And you don't smile these days.
You always seem down,
Always have a frown.
And a cure you do not crave.

You've become lonely and bitter,
I've watched old friendships wither:
They never come by,
No word of a lie;
Your coldness makes them shiver.

You do nothing but complain,
And it drives me insane!
But you're all alone,
Left on your own,
Perhaps that causes you pain.

I don't know why you are that way,
Perhaps you weren't yesterday.
With a youthful glow,
Where did that go?
As lost as a needle in hay.

Well the truth may hurt a bit,
But there's no other way to say it;
You grump and groan,
And whinge and moan.
You're just a grumpy old git.

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