I don't understand.

Honestly, I don't!

You told me that you loved me,

Now you won't.

All the times we spent together.

All the whispered promises,

All of the laughter.

You washed away,

With a flick of your fingers.

Turning everything a shade of grey.

I don't understand.

Your eyes turned cold,

Your lips turned blue, and...

Like that you were gone.

Was it me?

Was it you?

I know whats like to be free.

I am not sure I like it too much.

Remembering, your arms.

Your touch.

It all turns bittersweet.

The way we loved each other,

As though we had our own beat.

I followed you.

You followed me.

It was a fairytale.

All blown away,

At the height of the gale.

I still don't understand.

No one will tell me.

The only thing I can think is-

Do I really want to know?