Rambling In The Winter

There's only one set of footprints
To be seen this night.
Clear and dark against the
White of the pristine
Frosted grass.
They were yours.

And what was I to know?
Until I awoke to find that
You were gone.
Long gone.
The girl I'd loved…
She left me, alone.

I write words that you
Will never read.
Play music you
Will never hear.
Paint masterpieces
You will never see
For you chose to
Elope with Death
Rather than marry me.
I hope he gives you
All you desire,
Be it command of
Ice or fire.
For I know you
Always sought power,
All my love you did devour.

Confined to your earthen bed,
Find all you wish to find
In the darkness.
You were my one,
But for him you will be
One of many.
You had but one dance with him
And fell.
My love for you will never
Perish as you did.
For though it could never compare
To you in beauty,
But in strength… there,
Perfect as you were,
Was something you neither mastered
Or understood.
For beauty may be found in strength,
But there is no strength
In flawed vanity.

I hope you get what you so desired,
And greatest power you have acquired.
And though I doubt it to be true,
I hope Death was worth death for you.

You may have danced with him but once
And fallen in love with his hollow face
And empty eyes.
I am not bitter.
No, I am not bitter…
But know that you will never waltz
With me again.