Common sense fades into the backgrorund.

The sound of chaos consumes the environment.

My hands are cursed. I destroy everything that

we build together.

Forever passes before I can see the sun again.

You crash into me and I smash into you with full force.

I know you know I stink just like yesterday's trash.

I mark up my skin with a pink ink pen then drink


I am on the brink of a breakdown. Within the blink

of an eye, I transform into a monster. You push me

to the breaking point. Living on the edge, rage

lives inside me.

I crossover to the dark side, its a slow suicide.

Stuck at a crosssroads, I will paint these blue

skies black. I try not to cry, but eventually

the pressure gets to me.

Joy has left this place, once innocent heart of mine.

You can tell that I am not fine. Delicate, I present

myself to you. I am a small ant, you take advantage

of me right on the spot.

Born a failure, there is no cure for this disease.

You don't have a clue about how I feel. Please

don't chase after me. Please don't erase my scars

or dry away my tears.

Elsewhere calls my name. Everyday is exactly the same.

I am always the one to blame in this game of life. Back

and forth, I travel between heaven and hell. I am your

clown, I am your burden. I hate myself so let fate have

its way with me.

I long for Easter, heavenly father, please come now

instead of later. An angel of death draws my last

breath out of me just like a well. I don't matter

to the world anymore. My words fall upon

your head in the form of water and you catch

my teardrops.

Losing grip, I watch the sunset and realize hope is dead.

Silently broken, I start to regret a lot of stuff. I forget

about how much you have forsaken for me throughout the years.