The Briefest of Hurricanes

Darling, don't cry,

I love you so.

And if I could take your tears

And swallow their saltwater sting

As if they were my own,

You know I would.


Darling, don't despair,

I adore you so.

And if I could take your worries

And inhale them in all their

Cancerous smoke,

You know I would.


I would do it over and over and over again,

Until there was no trace of them

That you could see.


I want so much for you to feel happiness,

To know happiness,

To greet it like an old friend

And stay by its side forever.


I have a letter you wrote me,

In an old biscuit tin.

Amongst all the other pieces of paper in that tin,

It is the most important, the most precious.

I read it occasionally,

To remember

The promises you made.


Darling, don't cry or despair,

You are so special, so rare.


Don't you worry, my darling;

The sun will come,

If only you'd lift your shades,

Up to allow it in.


This is nothing more than the briefest of hurricanes.


And we're just shipwrecked puzzle pieces

Swimming for the shore.