I understand that
You were never meant for me…
And I accept it.

Yeah, we were just kids.
We laughed between kisses
And always held hands.

But I fell for you.
So hard my feet missed the ground
And left me waist deep.

You laughed and pointed
Before offering your hand,
Gasping on all fours.

And I blushed like fire
As you dropped me to the ground
That my feet had missed.

I was young, naïve,
And head over heels in love.
Stupidity ruled.

But do you know what?
I wouldn't change anything
For she made me, me.

Though I despise her
For all that she did to me,
I love her dearly.

I know she's not mine
Neither to have nor to hold,
But I may cherish

What we didn't have
Until to death do I part,
Where we'll meet again.