A story I've had on my mind for a long while. :D


Thirteen year old Abigail Sarasota had been running for thirty minutes straight, her redish-brown hair flying in the wind. She was out of breath and terribly frightened. She couldn't believe what her uncle had done the day before...


The Social Services lady shook her head. "Sir, you can't keep the child."

"And why not?! I'm the only family she has left!"

"You drink. As a rule, you can't keep her."

Abigail's drunken uncle then pulled out his hand gun. "Don't make me shoot!"

The lady didn't take him seriously...and was shot in the head.

Abigail watched in horror as her uncle stuffed the body into a closet.

"Don't you dare speak of this to anyone," he threatened, "Do you hear me?!"


Then she had run away and told the police.

If her uncle found her, she was a goner. He'd shoot me in the head, she thought, Just like that lady!

She looked over her shoulder. Her uncles farm was a speck in the distance, but who knew how close his truck was...with him in it...

Abigail kept running.


The sun was setting, and Abigail was getting tired. Looking up, she saw a small roadside burger diner. Relieved, the young teen went in.

After buying a coke with her allowance money, she sat down by a window. Sipping casually, Abigail happened to look around at the occupants of the diner.

One in particular was a guy with a Stetson and cowboy boots with large shiny spurs-a real cowboy.

He had bright blue eyes, so blue that Abigail was sure that they were contacts. His blonde hair fell almost shoulder length. Looking back outside, Abigail saw a large truck with a horse trailer attached.

That must be his. she thought.

Once finished, she stepped outside and, merely out of interest, walked around the truck.

Out of an open window, a dog's head shot out...a doberman.

The animal barked in Abigail's face. She stepped back, alarmed, but the animal quieted down a little and whined, it's tail wagging.

Wait, tail? She thought all dobermans' tails were docked off!

Abigail held her hand out to the dog. The animal wiggled in joy and slobbered all over her hand. Abigail laughed.

"Like her?"

With a jump, Abigail whirled around to see the cowboy.


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