Abigail stared, her green eyes round with fear.

The cowboy laughed. "Sorry if I frightened you. My name's Buk."


"Pleased to meet you, little lady."

They shook hands, then suddenly somthing started to move around in the trailer. Buk walked over to the trailer door. "Alright boy. Hang on a sec. You can stretch you legs, then we're moving on."

He went into the trailer and returned with a handsome blood-bay stallion. "Abigail, meet Star. Star, Abigail." The horse put out his nose, ears pricked in a friendly manner. Abigail smiled. "He's so cool!"

Buk smiled. "Yeah, but he doesn't belong to me. He's my boss's."

When Abigail gave him a quizzical look, he went on. "My boss, he raises race horses. Star is one of his studs. This big boy here-" he rubbed Star's cheek, "is the sire of twenty five racing colts and fillies already."


"Just bringing him home from a friend's place. He wanted to have his mare breed with this handsome beauty."

They laughed, and Star bobbed his head.

Buk turned the horse in a few circles, then led him back into the trailer. "Alrighty then. We've got a long journey to go. We'd better get started."

Once Sar was loaded, Buk headed to the truck. "By the way," he motioned to the doberman, "this is Jay."

"But she's a girl."

"I know. Just couldn't think of anything else to call her."

As Buk entered the truck, Abigail ran over to him. "Wait! Can I hitch a ride?"

Buk looked at her, confused. "What?"

"My uncle murdered someone, I told the cops, and now he might hunt me down."

"What about your parents?"

"They're dead."

Buk was quiet a few moments, staring into his rearview mirror, then he grinned. "Oh, who am I kidding? Get in here!"

Abigail jumped into the passenger seat and buckled up. Buk started the vehicle. "Feel free to doze off. It's a long way to the boss's place."


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