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Abigail's eyes opened. It was dark out, and the truck had just left the highway and turned onto a dirt road, and ahead, she could see light coming from a house.

"Well, here it is." Buk grinned.

"This is your place?"

"Yeah. A bit rundown and in terrible shape, but, as my old man put it, 'critter friendly.'"

Abigail laughed. "Your father still around?"

"Naw. Died of a heartstroke two years ago..."


It remained quiet until they stopped infront of the house. Jay leaped from the truck and ran off, soon joined by a coonhound and black lab, who Buk introduced to Abigail as Cherry and Knight.

As Buk took Star to his stable, Abigail walked down the row of stalls, admiring the tall, graceful, purebred horses. A Large black one with white lips and a white eartip stuck her head over her door, whinnying a hello to the girl. Abigail smiled and stroked the filly's nose as she read the nameplate on the door.

"Midnight Star. Wow. Hey Buk! How many 'Stars' do you have in these stables?"

From Star's stall, Buk laughed. "Her race name is Midnight Star. Here, we call her Midnight. Star's race name is Red Dawn. Got his nickname from the mark on his head."

"Oh. Okay."

Abigail stroked Midnight's nose once more and continued her walk. A white Arabian mare stuck her head over her door to look at her, and Abigail gasped at the beautiful animal.

"My, aren't you a beauty!"

The horse tossed her head in a spirited manner, and Abigail read the nameplate.

"Heaven's Angel. Whoa..."

"She's the mother of most of the racers here."

Abigail jumped and turned to see Buk right next to her. "Dont do that!" she squeaked out, "You scared me!"

Buk laughed. "Sorry."

Abigail gave him a playful 'you meanie' face and walked down to another stall. No horse greeted her. She looked at the nameplate, of which was covered in slobber and bite marks. Buk walked forward a few steps.

"Abigail, you might wanna back away from there..."

"One second..."

She tried to make out the name on the nameplate. Unable to do so, she stepped closer and, using the cuff of her sleave, wiped some dried slobber off with some difficulty.

"...Sterling Silver."

Suddenly, a silvery grey head shot out of the stall, teeth flashing , ears pinned back, eyes blazing.

Abigail fell back with a shriek, and the animal screamed back at her, kicking at the stall door, trying to break out.

Buk was there in seconds, pulling Abigail away and shoving the wild animal's head into it's stall, getting bitten a few times.

The top door was closed, and Abigail stood shaking. Buk looked at his bitten, bleeding hands before looked to the stall and back at Abigail.

"Sterling Silver. The terror of the stables. Half Arabian, half Mustang. More devil than anything, and stubborn as a mule."

As if to emphasize what Buk said, Sterling Silver let out a scream, and kicked the wall from inside the stall.