Hi everyone! This is my first published story! I once wrote this because a friend asked for a story. I hope you'll enjoy it!

The Ladybird and Butterfly Larva

Once upon a time, there was a little ladybird walking all alone, on a big beautiful tree.

Or so the little ladybird thought, because after some time, the little ladybird heard something, or someone crying on the other side of the big beautiful tree.

The little ladybird got curious, wanting to know what, or who was crying. So it walked around the tree until it was on the other side, and it found a green butterfly larva sobbing and crying all by itself.

The ladybird got sad from looking at the crying larva, and asked what was wrong. The larva stopped crying when it heard the soft voice of the ladybird, but it was still sobbing softly.

The larva answered in between its sobs: "My brothers and sisters turned into beautiful butterflies last night, but I'm still an ugly larva." The tears of the larva kept rolling down its cheeks, leaving a wet trail.

The ladybird felt sad for the butterfly larva, it already knew how much it enjoyed flying itself, so it decided to help the larva turn into a butterfly.

But no matter how hard they tried, it didn't work. And one day the ladybird started to cry. The larva asked him what was wrong, and the ladybird told him how sorry he was, because he wasn't of much help.

This made the larva shook its head, and said with a warm and loving voice: "Ladybird, you've become my most treasured friend. You have kept me company when the times were hard, you made me laugh when everything looked dark, and you believed in me when nobody else did. You showed me that I don't need to look beautiful or to be able to fly, because I'm feeling beautiful, and you're already making me feel like I'm flying when we're together." The larva smiled with tears in its eyes, and at that exact moment, the larva turned into a chrysalis and the ladybird cried, not from sadness or sorrow, but from happiness. The larva was now a chrysalis, and now it knew, that in a few weeks, it would transform into a beautiful butterfly, just like its brothers and sisters.

And it did, a month later, the chrysalis became the most beautiful butterfly among its siblings, and the ladybird didn't leave its side.

The End

Hope you liked it :)

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