the ghost walker

chapter 1

It was around noon when I saw the cat, the first day in living in are new house. It was white, perfect white. Its eyes were like clear puddles reflecting a bright sky, a beautiful light blue. It was the cat that started my destiny. And by my destiny I mean Gale's destiny.

It was a windy evening; Gale sat silently in a large hall. His paintbrush tapping against a sheet of paper as he painted, the only sound inside the house. The wind outside rattled the windows, howling sounds rushing around the walls. He was focussed in his painting before he paused. He was the only sound in the house, well for normal humans.

If you have very had the ability to hear ghosts you may have noticed the sounds of breathings in an empty room, the creak of bear feet on the kitchen floor. Not only that but if you saw them you did not think that the sound for just the floor boards settling, or a door creaking in the wind, because you saw the ghosts.

If you felt there energy it was even more noticeable.

And this is what Gail heard, a sound of feet padding towards him; he turned interested casting his eyes down to stare at the white cat.

He had never seen a ghost before, well before he moved into the new house, the place was hunted. Typical because it once was a school that was why the hall was there.

He watched the fur ball who returned his stare intently, her tale flicking.

Gale returned to his painting, he had seen her before, once trying to approach her like a man would approaching a cat, but she had faded away, he assumed because of fear.

And so he sat contently painting, the cat watching. She sat there for awhile her tail flicking, her eyes unblinking and then she just tuned away and vanished, fading like mist.

Gale smiled, he would name the cat mist-walker.

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