i still need a name for the ghost boy.

the pillow sofa

Gail was sat in the living room, his sketch book in hand.

It was a long time since he had drawn in it, or a long time for him preferably, half a year.

His pencil scratched at the ruff paper, his hair dangling over his face, his mind focused.

He was sitting on the window sill in the living room. It was so large that his mum, his old brother, his little sister and him had placed pillows and blankets on it and made it a kinda sofa, it was the greatest place to be silent and chill.

Rain ported down outside, hitting the large round windows around him like small stones.

It was kinda calming.

Suddenly something taped his shoulder and he looked up.

The ghost boy stood before him, a small shy smile plastered across his face, his eyes bright but nervous.

Mist-walker by his foot.

"would you like to play chess with me," he whispered stretching my chess box towards me, its wooden box lighten by the dim light from out side.

Mist-walker leapt onto the window sofa and purred, circling before nuzzling her self into a pillow.

Gail looked up, "I suppose," he said.

The boys face light up like a light bulb, his eyes seemed to light the room. "where through," Gail finished.

The ghost boy looked around, his eyes over the living room before they landed on the window.

"if we move some of theses blanket, we could play here," he suggested, Gail nodded.

The drawer put down his drawing book on the desk beside him, lifting his body away from the window so that the ghost boy could move the many blankets that covered the window, his white hair moving as he pushed them backwards, curving them around the sides of the glass and the two walls next to them.

Gail picked up the pillows, leaving mist walkers pillow alone and put them around the window, making two comfortable sitting mounds to play.

The other placed the chess box in-between these mounds before taking the left home-made sitting place beside his cat. Gail did the same and took the right.

Gail bent over and unlocked the latch, opening the box and folding it into the playing board, his friend took out the figures.

They made them selves ready, dividing the figures into equal piles. Mist-walker purring beside them, content in her warm pillow nest.

Gail swung round and picket up his drawing book and pencil. With it on his lap and on the unfinished drawing they began, Gail half drawing in his book whilst both sat comfortably, listening the the rain out side, while they played a game a chess.

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