Epilogue. - 5 years later

"Thank you, Mary, for offering to baby sit Annie." Alex muttered, when she opened the door and saw her friend waiting for her.

"It's nothing. Your daughter is such a cutie." Mary smiled, and she walked into Alex and Seth's living quarters, "Enjoy the meeting."

Alex muttered thank you, and then she ran after Seth. She did not want to go to the meeting at all; however, she had been forced to by almost everyone else. She just wanted to live a normal life, and not take part in any more reckless missions. Yet, she had too, as the seer's diary mentioned her importance.

"Seth! Wait for me! I'm coming!" Alex yelled when she saw her husband going down the staircase. Seth stopped, and looked up. When he saw Alex, he smiled and waited for her to come down.

"I knew you would come." He smiled, reaching for Alex's hand and they walked down the staircase together.

Meanwhile, Nor was already at the meeting place, waiting for the others. He was keen to go back to the USSC and to finally stop the tyranny. He was also eager to rescue his sister, Scarlet, from whatever her tithing duty was. He was not going to stay in Midir and grow old.

He heard footsteps, and then the door opening. He looked up, and saw Lucinda sit down next to him. He knew she was just as keen as he was to go back, and stop her father from ruining people's lives.

"Hello, General Brown." Nor addressed Lucinda formally. Ever since she joined the army, she had decided that she would only use her first name in non-formal occasions. This meeting was nowhere near non-formal.

"Hello, Nor." Lucinda replied quickly, "Just waiting for Catherine, Alex, Seth, Scott and Caleb, and then the meeting can begin."

Nor nodded.

Lucinda glared at the door, willing it to open, willing for the others to arrive so that the meeting can begin. She wanted to go back to the USSC, but she couldn't, as she had been deployed to the Kingdom of South Africa, to assist South Africa in their war against the USSC.

She smiled as Catherine arrived, still in her fairy wings, and then her brother arrived with Caleb. Finally, after an agonising couple of minutes, Alex and Seth walked through the doors. The meeting could begin.

Caleb sat down Next to Scott and Seth, anxious about what Scott would say. He smiled as he thought about Scott- He loved that man with all of his heart, and was not willing to lose him to the war. Yet, Caleb knew that people would die in the future war, and they had to be prepared for anything.

Caleb was unwilling to go back to the USSC, but he had to.

"Hello, welcome to today's meeting, which is on the prophecy and the oncoming war." Scott boomed.

Seth sighed as Scott talked about the likelihood of the war, as well as the fact that the other 4 people mentioned in the prophecy were now on the move, and were going to set the whole thing off. He was so excited to take part, but was nervous about Alex joining in. What if both of them died, and left their daughter with no parents? What is the USSC conquered Eirescot if they lost the war?

Yet, he knew that it was Alex's choice, and Alex would probably choose to join in the fight against the USSC.

Catherine quickly signed herself up for the war. She was eager to go back, and to avenge the deaths of her parents. She heard Lucinda mention her deployment to South Africa, and then Nor and Seth agreeing to take part simultaneously.

It was just Caleb and Alex left. Caleb reluctantly joined the mission; whereas Alex refused to take part- she mentioned that she did not want her daughter to be an orphan.

Scott meanwhile sighed. He knew that Alex would be reluctant, but he could try to convince her otherwise. However, Scott thought, she probably made the wise decision- The seer mentioned that death would happen- one of the 8 will die.

Scott hid his fears, and pretended to be happy, and continued to persuade Alex to join in. Yet, Alex refused again and again.

Then Scott declared the meeting over, and decided to let his friend Ryan do the persuading- Ryan could easily persuade a USSC cop to allow him to walk free for murdering 20 people or something like that. If Ryan could convince Alex to take part, no one could. If she did not take part, the rebels would lose the war.

So, it's over. The USSC is over. 2 months of hard labour has produced this.

Thank you to Kincubba, who has followed this, as well as being the only person to review this. I respect every single of the USSC's readers for reading the story, but Kincubba is like the only person who has actually given any feedback on this site (On Noveljoy, which this is also on, someone gave me a really positive review, which made my week, and my friend at school who has read the whole of it has given me good feedback as well)

When I do post the sequal, it is called Changing Tides. I think it sounds a bit like Catching Fire (But my friend doesn't (Such contradictions!)) but it isn't meant to be, it refers to the idea that the support is going to change from one side to the other.

Finis- 20/01/13 at 12:29pm. It is 32,607 words long.