I prowled through the dense darkness of the forest, keeping low just in case there were prying eyes camouflaged in the thickness of the trees. My senses were running overtime, my ears picking up the slightest rustle of leaves that could be somebody advancing from behind, or the delicate sounds of the whispers of the wind which could be somebody plotting a trap which would render me useless for the rest of the day. I had a very over reactive imagination, and the fact that I could almost taste the thick, foggy tension in the atmosphere was not helping things. I could see movements in the corners of my eyes, but never in my peripheral vision. Woodland creatures darting from shrub to shrub, seeking shelter from whatever predator was waiting within. No birds were singing. It was silent. Dead. I started imagining the worse possible scenarios when I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. It felt like an ice cube had just slithered down my back… My body had gone stone cold. I was not alone. I could feel that for a start. The forest was intimidating. Although it was daytime, barely any sunlight filtered through the trees. What was that, dashing through the trees to my left? I spun around quickly, nearly toppling over. I cursed myself in my head. I could feel eyes watching me from the shadows. Then I heard a loud twig snapping so very close. I froze, slowly peering around, searching for the origin of noise. But I could see nothing. Nothing but greenery and trees met my vision. I shuddered and laughed at myself in a half hearted way. "Keep your head in the game" I kept telling myself. Horrible scenes and images kept flashing through my mind, and I felt so alone and solitary. Then a bird flapped around somewhere above and it startled me. I ran. I ran faster than I probably ever had in my life! Every time my boots hit the ground with a thud, shock waves were sent through my body. My heart was beating faster than ever before and if it wasn't for the adrenaline, my legs would of given way under me and sent me crashing to the floor. I paused, legs shaking and panting like hell. I peered through the dense trees, scanning for any small sign of movement. That was when iut happened. A series of loud bangs followed by an overwhelming pain… I'd been shot. A yellow paintball had hit me slap bang in the middle of my chest. All of the tension, effort of trying not to be caught and my fear was just a complete waste of time. My game was over. Paint-balling with friends was such fun when you're winning, but not when you've spent the majority of your time coming up with secret pathways which would keep you a safe distance from the paint whilst tracking your enemies just for them to easily target you and get you out, no effort on their behalf.
"Ha! I got YOU! Yes finally!" My friend Shane jumped out from behind a thick oak tree, a huge grin from ear to ear making him look like the Cheshire cat.
"I've been tracking you for a whi-" But my friend didn't get to finish his sentence. Smile still frozen on his face, he collapsed on the floor in a heap. I panicked, wondering what could make him just collapse, when a sharp stabbing pain radiated down my back, and my vision started to blur. I sunk to the forest floor, my head hitting the roots of a tree making me pass out. "It was only a game, it doesn't need to get violent" I tried to murmur, assuming my attacker was just an over enthusiastic friend excited of the fact he had come across two of us at once, which meant two steps closer to him winning… But no. The last thing I remembered was the red eyes, staring down at me in a victorious glare and the wicked, bone chilling laughter which echoed over and over in my mind long after I was unconscious.