Have you ever felt so bottled up?

So boxed in yourself

That you couldn't find a way out?

To struggle just to choke out

Simple words that mean nothing

But can mean the whole world to you

To be so closed off

That simple communication

Becomes a foreign concept

Things become harder

Than you expected

Thought you could just let it be

That maybe just maybe

You would turn out fine

But it becomes more

Complicated than ever

Simple things now tedious

They are

Talking becoming a thing of the past

Everything stays inside

Until nothing can come outside

Losing the ability to express

What you feel inside

You weave tales of fake emotions

And they believe you

They listen to every word

While you sit inside and scream

While you writhe in pain

And you struggle against your bonds

The bonds that keep you inside

The bonds that you created

In order to protect yourself

Now hold you captive inside yourself