To you it always seemed like she was the strong one. You always thought she was powerful, independent, content. You looked at her with adoration in your eyes and you built up a pedestal to place her on.

You never really discussed how special she was to you; she just seemed to know it. The two of you would sit quietly in the grass and hum; you would share a hot cup of chai tea; you would discuss everything and nothing. You were sisters.

Then she left, if only for a short while, and everything seemed so out of place. You wanted that strength, power, and happiness that she always radiated.

You would talk to her and she would seem happy so you left it at that. Then you started to notice a change. The brilliant smile that was apparent even over written words was falling quickly from her face. The brilliance in her eyes was fading.

You could have left her; she wasn't who you thought she was. But then you realized that she was. While her happiness faded, she was still strong. How could you fault her for not being the goddess you had imagined?

So you determined to become the strong one. You wanted to be there for her: powerful, independent, content. You wanted the adoration in your eyes to become visible so her eyes would light up once more.