Juvenile Assassin


There are many reasons of why people decide to move from one place to another, why they leave the place where they were born, or even grew up. But to my brother and I, our reasons are rational, yet unclear, horrible, yet peaceful, and now, overpowering. We moved from Romania to the Americas because of a horrible disaster that came upon our lives. This is our story of how we began to live in the past, and have lived for the future.

Chapter One

New Life

Moving to a new school is hard, but moving to a new country, where you don't know anything of that culture and how things work, is much harder. My name is Desire Emerald, and I'm moving from Romania to America, in a state called California, with my twin brother Dmitri. Our parents died in our mansion, when a huge fire engulfed it.

We were walking up to our street from school, when suddenly fire trucks came up behind us and roared by us, sirens blazing all around. Pedestrians running in the same direction away from whatever the trucks were blaring toward. I smelled smoke, looked up to see a black cloud rising from the direction of our home. I started to run in the direction of the enormous black cloud, and Dmitri trailed right behind me. I reached the gates of our house and gazed upon our beautiful Victorian style home, with flames and smoke protruding from the roof, doors, and windows, my heart dropped. I was terrified, I remembered that our parents were going to come home early for a family date and the thought of them possibly in that house made me feel sick. So without any hesitation, I dropped my bag, and darted passed the Popo trying to keep everyone out, and then I pushed passed the firemen who were trying desperately to put out the fire, yelling and giving orders. I crashed through the front door, the fire was already consuming the inside of the manner, even so, I continued inside. I covered my mouth with my sleeve so that I wouldn't breathe in smoke and stumbled up stairs to my parent's room. I made it to their room, I reached for the knob without thinking, it was too hot, I pulled my hand back, and I took my school jacket off, wrapped it around the door knob, and opened the door. Once it opened I looked around, there was too much smoke so I carefully tiptoed in the room, there were muffled noises, I looked harder, then I saw them, tied up, unable to get free, my mother was only conscious, she opened her mouth, but no words came out. Her eyes got wide, I turned around, and then nothing…everything went black.

The only thing I remember after that was Dmitri standing over me, crying and clutching my hand tightly.

Now it's a month later Dmitri and I, are on our way to America, to our new life, and personally, I'm not happy about this at all because apparently someone has a twisted persona to be throwing one disaster after another at me and my older brother. To my knowledge, I know Dmitri can handle this big move, and dramatic change but I don't really care what really happens to us now, because, how can things get any worst then they are?


The plane took off for America, about two hours ago, and the whole time, I was staring out the window, watching the clouds pass by, and the whole world continue moving, when to me, it feels like everything has stopped moving. Also the whole time I haven't said one word to Dmitri since we got to the airport, even when the plane took off.


Dmitri grabbed my shoulder, my eyes glanced over to him, without my head turning, and he seemed annoyed.

"What is it Dmitri?" I looked at him, annoyed, then when he didn't say anything I averted my eyes away from Dmitri and back out the window of the airplane to the clouds outside.

"Did you ever think once that maybe, just maybe, you can put on your enjoyable face, when the plane lands?"

What he said made me turn and look at him,

"What's the point, we have nothing, we lost everything, and the police never found out if it was an accident or arson. I mean, my telling them that I saw our parents tied to chair and gagged, and they can't just rule it was not an accident."

Pissed, I turn my head back to the window

"Maybe your right, no one except you saw our parents in that room, so why would anyone believe you, they didn't even find their bodies. No ash, no remains, just you unconscious on the floor." I looked Dmitri straight in the face and blurted out,

"Then what about the bruise on my face, how come I had a shiner, how did they explain that?!"

Dmitri sighed then said, "They think you were hit by burned wood, and that's why you were knocked out."

I lie back in my seat roughly, put my hands over my face and scoffed out, "Their just pissing on us, you know that Dmitri."

"Desire don't talk like that,"

Dmitri put his hand on my shoulder again; I shrugged his hand off, "Bugger off Dmitri…"

Dmitri was crouched over in his chair and sighed, hands clasped together, supporting his chin, and his elbows resting on his legs. I've known my brother all my life, and we're twins no less. I know that my rage on him wouldn't bother him this much, there had to have been something else on his mind. I know that whenever he had something on his mind that bothered him, he would always get to the bottom of things, to get his answer. Maybe he knows something too, that he doesn't want anyone to know. But, for right now I really didn't care, I just turned back around, laid my hand against the window, and huffed,

"I don't know brother, but I don't care, I just want to get there and get this over with."

It was another five hours before the plane landed in California, and another five hours of silence between Dmitri and I, it's strange we never ignored each other, or disliked either ones company, so why now?

Getting off the plane was hectic, my carryon got stuck, and when I got it out, I fell and bumped into a little girl, made her cry, so her mother hit me with her purse. That hurt. Once we were in the lobby of the airport, it was no better, people rushing to their flights, not watching where they're going, pushing and knocking you out of their way not even saying sorry.

"I don't like this country already; there are some rude people here!"

I complained, Dmitri looked back at me, and he gives me a reassuring smile,

"Don't worry so much Desire, all we have to do is getting out of here and find our house."

I picked up my carryon, swung it over my shoulder, and grabbed my suitcase, and it rolled behind me as I walked. My eyes wandered all over the place, watching parents grabbing their children, and dragging them to the plane entrance, girlfriend and boyfriends, husband and wives, gripping about where their supposed to go. Quite funny actually, I looked back in front of me and saw that I had lost Dmitri, I stopped and looked around, not seeing him in the crowd of people.

"Dmitri! Dmitri, Where are you?!"

I yelled, and in panic, I secured my belongings, and started running, looking furiously all around for him. When I looked back in front of me, I hit something and fell to the ground; hitting my head on the floor with such force everything went black.

I finally came around, what seemed moments later, looking around there were faces coming to close to mine, all with worried looks,

"Uh, can I help you?"

Everyone, sighed in relief, and started to disperse, I slowly rose, Dmitri helping me up,

"I'm so happy your all right, I was getting a little worried, you've been out for a whole forty-five minutes."

Dmitri said relieved,

"I was really out that long?"

He nodded and I kept rubbing my head.

"Hey are you alright?"

I looked up, and there was this pretty blonde guy standing in front of me,

"I think we bumped each other pretty hard, and I thought that I had hurt you so bad that you might have to go to the hospital."

He grinned, and straitened back up,

"My name is Leon Elliot, and you are?"

I looked up and him, and I swore I could see, bright white lights, coming out of him, and engulfing his beauty.

"I…uh…I am…a….uh duh…."

I stuttered, as I tried to tell him my name, my brother shook his head and spoke for me,

"This is Desire Emerald, and I'm her twin brother, Dmitri Emerald, we're moving here from Romania."

Dmitri came and sat beside me, putting his hand on my back and moving it up and down.

Dmitri keep staring at him deep hatred into his eyes,

"Well Desire I think we need to go, or we won't make it to the school in time before it closes to register. Also we need to find our house."

Dmitri helped me up and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"Well hey, why don't you let me help you, this is a small town and I might be able to help you."

I looked back at him, but Dmitri kept pulling me along beside him,

"Dmitri why won't we let him help us, I mean we know nothing of this place, and he probably lives here, so he can show us around."

I tried to reason with him, but he didn't even look back at me, to even reply to me,

"Dmitri darn it, you have to say something to me!"

I yelled at him, thrashing my arm. Finally he stopped, put his arms down by his side, lifted his head and turned around and looked at me.

"How can you be so selfish? I mean I'm just trying to protect you. You have no idea who he is; he might be a pervert, or worse."

I stared at him like he was someone I didn't even know anymore, I shook away my arm from his grip and lower my head.

"Dmitri, I thought I would never hear you say that…"

I looked back up at him, smiling but tears filled my eyes, tears of joy and sadness,

"I'm so glad that you are worried about me, but listen I'm seventeen, ok. Yes I also know that I'm a seventeen year old girl, but I can take care of myself and remember I always told you I can feel what other people are feeling."

Dmitri took my hand and held it tightly in his, the warmth of his hand, and the warm feelings of love illuminating from him was making me feel a lot better.
"And I can tell this person does want to help us, you were born first to protect me, but I was born second to balance you out, without me, you'd probably worry everyone to death and never trust anyone. One big worry wart and we didn't need another one of those."
Dmitri couched out a laugh, and I shared it with him, he maneuvered his hand until our fingers were conjoined and we walked back toward Leon. We found him sitting in one of the chairs checking his cell phone; he looked up and placed his phone in his back pocket.

"Hey I was afraid you two had run off, you guys ok?"

Dmitri looked at me and I nodded my head with a smile, he turned his head back to Leon, held out his hand to him,

"I'm sorry for my behavior, truce?"

Leon looked down at my brothers' hand, looked back up and smiled, taking his hand and shaking it.

"Don't sweat it man, you didn't do anything."

They shook hands for a while, and then we got out bags and started to head for the exit,

"Oh no…"

Leon stopped suddenly,

"What's going on Leon?"

He turned back,

"I forgot the reason I'm here is because I'm picking up my cousin, she's coming here to live with me."

He explained, so we turned around and walked back to one of the gates,

"I think she's getting off at this one, Gate forty-one."

All three of us sat down, Dmitri took out his favorite book, the legend of the Freemason's, Leon got out his cell phone again and it looked like he was texting to someone. Me I was just watching people walk by, some starred back and I just gave a little side smile, but some just turned away, and others were nice enough to smile back.

"So Leon, where is your cousin coming from?"

"New York."

He said still looking at his phone,

"Oh, is she coming to visit or something?"

He looked up and leaned back in the chair, his hands laying in his lap, phone in one hand,

"No she's coming to live with me. She's moving down here to get away from home, from noise and stress and come here to be she and not have to stress out about a lot of things."

I looked at him with shock and then looked at the Arrival/Departure boards and a woman came on the speakers, and announced that a flight from New York had just landed and passengers were exiting the aircraft. Leon got out of his seat and walked toward the exit door, Dmitri and I got up, picked up our luggage and followed after him. A crowd of people poured out of the plane exit and into the lobby of the airport, making us lose track of Leon. I stopped and looked around fiercely to see if I can make out his bright blonde hair in the crowd of brunettes and red heads.

"Leon? Uh-uh Dmitri I think we lost Leon."

Dmitri dropped his arms, and walked backed over to a chair,

"Leon, it's awesome to see you again!"

I turned back toward the exit, and saw a bright blonde hugging a dark haired girl,

"Hey Dmitri, wait."

I grabbed the cuff of his shirt, he turned toward the exit too, and saw Leon, "Finally, we found him that must be his cousin."

We just stood there, but out of the way of people, rushing out of the airport. Finally Leon and his cousin were walking toward us,

"Hey Des, Dmi…"

"Oh great now he's shortening our names, perfect, maybe he'll give us cute nicknames."

I elbowed Dmitri in the ribs, and he grunted, and then glared at me,

"Don't be rude!"

I said in a hushed tone.

"Here we go, well you two this is my cousin."

Said Leon, and gesturing his hand out, for her to introduce herself,

"Hi, I'm Melody, Melody Rain."

She stuck out her hand, Dmitri shook her hand first and nodded his head, then I took her hand, and it felt like a bolt a shock coursed through my entire body, leading straight to my heart.

"Ni….nice….to meet…you."

I stuttered.

"Shall we go?"

Leon insisted and we all headed out the exit.