"Where is she? Where the hell is she?" Gary demanded. Adrial sat crying in the chair. Aidan's face was no longer stoic, it was stricken and his eyes were red from crying. Alexia was missing and she had never made it home. Aidan lowered his head into his hands, feeling completely utterly miserable. Where could she be?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Darkness, complete and utter darkness surrounded her. Her eyes were open but there was no light. There was nothing to see. Keep calm, I must keep calm. There must be a way out of this situation. Okay, think calmly, what happened to get me in here?

The memories were frightening and disturbing. She remembered the black figures surrounding her and the daylight fading away. The world had seemed to fall away and she could not see under their hoods. Underneath the hoods the heads were nameless, blank, indescribable, and faceless. The details blurred in her mind. Alexia let out a sharp cry of fear. She took deep breaths, trying to steady herself. Gods, where was she? Why was the room so dark? Who were those people? What did they want with her?

There was no sense of time in the darkness. She could not tell how much time had passed whether it was one second or an hour. She was thirsty. She was hungry. Maybe it was noon time outside, maybe it was dinner time, or breakfast. She was so damn thirsty! She crawled around the room along the walls feeling for anything around her. The walls were blank. The floor was simply just boards. There was no dust on the floors, no crumbs of food. The wooden floors, she figured, were completely clean. Alexia could not figure anything about the room. She was too frightened to try and explore anymore. Alexia curled up to rest in a corner. She fell into horrible nightmares that made her wake up every couple of minutes.

A slap woke her up from one such dream. "Hello, who is there?" Her voice was timid, scratchy. Who was doing this to her? Why?

A guttural voice spoke out in the darkness, "Hello…angel. Welcome to our realm."
This is really sick. What is going to happen to me?

"What do you want? Let me go!"

"Ah, but you have what we want." Alexia heard footsteps draw near her. She pressed herself against the wall. "Welcome – to the land of Darkness."

Chains rattled, doors slammed and the world seemed to fall apart. Alexia felt him, it, whatever it was draw near her. It was her keeper. She felt hands wrap around her neck and the grip slowly tightened. A rotten stench filled her nose, a stench she did not know how to explain, except it made her stomach curl. Yet she could not throw up. The known world around her seemed to slip away as she slowly began to choke into unconsciousness.

Cool air seemed to fill Alexia's lungs as she slowly woke. Her eyes slowly opened to see a dim light above her. Her eyes fully opened as she began to realize how cold it was. Alexia sat up and stared at the dead pigs and the meat hanging around her. She shivered. She heard a shuffle of feet behind her and she closed her eyes, too frightened to move. She got backhanded in the back of the head and she fell forward. Alexia stared at the ground and the growing pool of blood near her head. Was that really necessary? Come on…really…Her mind began to slip away.

"Can't have you dying on us now and escaping to It, can we?"

Alexia sat up awake, she stayed still. There was a little light in the room, but she kept her eyes closed.

'Help me!' She cried to Mr. It. She wanted help. She wanted out. She should have listened! She should have never blocked him out!

"Welcome to the world of the conscious, angel." A male voice intruded the silence that gripped the room. Alexia slowly opened her eyes to see the figure looming in front of her. She still could not see into the black hood and she no longer wanted to.

"You are going to tell us everything to know about yourself and your Creator. We know a lot about you Alexia L'Ange." She could feel the smile of malice in that voice and that frightened her.

How does anyone know? I told Aidan and I know he wouldn't…he wouldn't…
Alexia closed her eyes; she tried to imagine those happy times, to remember the feel of the sun on her face. She never felt more deprived in her life. There was no sun in this world, nothing bright to light up the world around her. She was used to the darkness around her, no matter what the span of time has been.

All of a sudden she felt something sharp slid under her skin. Her eyes opened and she stared in horror as a needle slid under her skin. "Are you going to tell us Alexia L'Ange?"

Where are you? Alexia grit her teeth as the thing slipped another needle into her body and then another. She gasped in her pain as he pressed the needle against a nerve - at least she thought it was a nerve. Shooting pain filled her body. "Will you tell us?"

"Never!" She screamed it out, let the word fill her mind, her soul - let it fill her with her own stubborn willpower. I will not give up. I will not betray who made me. I will not betray who I am or what I am. I WILL NOT FALTER! I AM!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What time is it? How long have I been gone? How is Aidan? Curious thoughts filled Alexia's mind as she shivered as she stared at the cold room, her cold prison. Her body trembled as she ran her hands up and down her arms to try to keep them warm. Alexia gave a sigh and watched her breath form into a mist. How long have I been here? I have no seen the any form of light in forever.

Alexia heard the door open and she looked up to see a group of the black robes come in. Her face hardened and she let her mind began to slip away. They would abuse her body, hopefully they would kill her, or she would last long enough till she was rescued, that was here only hope in the world. She closed her eyes and tried to have her mind slip away before they could bring her into a world of pain.

When would the pain stop?

The numbers float over her eyes, the pain never stopped as new needles replaced old ones, as she was left to bleed. They were trying to break her mind, break her will. Her body felt broken though and she could not help but feel detached from the world around her. She floated in and out between the reality of the darkness and the dreams that disturbed her mind, until They had enough of her sleeping. They began to hit her again and again, they threw objects at her, hit her with chairs – all to keep her in the waking world.

"What is your name?"

"Name, what name?" She answered back quietly. Who am I…it seems I have been in darkness for so long. Where am I? What is going on?

"I think you broke her." One of the black robed people said.

"Oh, I will make her remember." A voice answered from a corner of the room. She looked over towards the corner and saw a grotesque figure. Gods, what could happen now?

She stared in growing horror as the figure drew close to her. It disgusted her whether it was male or female, male probably. It slinked towards her and slowly slipped out of its robes in a flowing movement. She stared at the angled face, a face that looked horrifyingly evil in the red light. Its eyes were narrow and eagle like. He grinned, revealing pointed canine teeth there were yellow and rotten. It…he, she finally figured - licked its lips and she her screams pierced the darkness of the world. No…no…!

He raised a claw like hand and slid his nails down her shirt, ripping what was left of it to tatters. She saw the others leave, she wanted to scream, do not leave me here! They left without saying a word as he laughed and slid his fingers down her naked torso. Her breath quickened in the fear that gripped her heart, - why could her heart not burst with this fear?

He touched her right below the neck, gently touching her, before his nails dug into her body and he slid them down drawing blood. He licked his lips again and bent down to lick her blood. He lapped it up like it was the sweetest honey in the world. Sickened she closed her eyes to try to slip away, but there was no way to avoid the present, no nightmarish dreams to protect her mind, her psyche, her inner self from this degradation. She felt herself shattering into a million pieces.
Sick and twisted, he shredded her Capri's and underwear protecting her privates from him. She tried to think of his touch, she tried to not think of anything at all. He slid his fingers caressing the dark v of her body, playing it with it, laughing in her ear. She shivered at the feelings coursing through her veins, so many sensations it was overloading her brain.

"Have you remembered yet?" She opened her eyes and glared at him, defiant to the last.

He smiled, "Good. This is going to be…enjoyable." He laughed; his voice seemed to darken an already dark room somehow.

His fingers slowly slid down her v before one touched her clit. He slowly ran his finger against it and he grinned flashing his horrid teeth at it again. He slipped one finger inside her and she gasped again, sensations she never felt filling the pit of her belly. She never felt like this before...yet she could not help but feel that this was not supposed to happen like this to her, not yet, not this way.

He began to stroke her with his fingers and she tried to ignore it. "Come on, come on…you better remember or else. Such a pretty thing like you…" He bit down on her breast and she cried out in pain. In pleasure. Tears trickled down her cheeks, this felt so wrong! She cried out as he swirled his tongue around her nipple before he began to suckle it and the blood that he drew.

Her hands went to claw at his face and he grabbed them, stopping her hands from hurting him. "None of that now – time for your punishment for that mistake." His hands gripped her tightly, bruising her wrists. Shit…ran through her head, shit, shit, shit SHIT!

That was when he became rough. She awoke to herself and cried as he took her again and again. He was too strong for her; she could not fight against him. She, was Alexia L'Ange, Raziel a celestial being, she was raped, violated, knowing and understanding what it was to truly be human in some form. She cried her pain out, she screamed out the knowledge of the pain, as she felt herself go cold inside, as she felt the light go out inside.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"How did she die?" They stared at the body, bloody, bruised, and mutilated. Oh they knew it was her, but it was easier to think of it as just a body - another body, another victim of violence, cult religion and rape.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Has she remembered anything?"

"After I was done with her, I saw it light up in her eyes for a moment and then it all went out." He answered back.

"Then let us be rid of her. They police are hot on our trail. The Dark Ones I am sure would appreciate her soul."

"Yes. Let the sacrifice begin!" She was far to gone to notice anything anymore. She lay there on the floor, her eyes glazed over, empty and soulless. There was no one home in there, not anymore.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Raziel opened her eyes, the light filtered around her. The song of Welcoming began for her. She was home. Home. It seemed so far away, even if she was here. She took a breath and expelled it, trying to keep her calm. They dug at her, screamed at her, the voices. The pain, the pain, the pain in her soul! Her heart screamed, her spirit cried. Her vision went red and she could see nothing, feel nothing, except the pain, the pain in her heart. She gave a pain filled gasp and began to scream. Her scream ruptured the harmony of the City and it disrupted the song of Welcoming. Her screams filled the air like nothing else, for the harmony of the city was broken. Raziel closed her eyes and she collapsed inwardly, her thoughts slipped away from her, her mind went blank and then finally, everything went black.