*Curtains are pulled back*

Martha (a woman in her late twenties): So, this is how it ends, eh? The world taken over by a cat... Nice.

Lulu (a woman who just turned 30): Yep.

Martha: I mostly pictured astroids hitting earth, or zombies attacking, but never a cat taking over.

Lulu: *Slurps coffee* Uh-huh.

Random cat: *Kicks down door* Bow down, weak humans!

Martha: Awww! Looks like someone needs kitty food and a nice bowl of milk!

Cat: *Sits down* Why yes! Thank you! I'll take tuna flavored food please!

Lulu: *Looks at cat over mug* So... Drink coffee?

Cat: Sometimes.

Lulu: That's nice... Well, I'm going to Luigi's Pizza! BRB!

Cat: Alrighty then! Nice meeting you! *Waves buh-bye*

Martha: *Re-enters* Here ya go- Hey, where'd Lulu go?

Cat: *Pulls out cat shaped weapon* Alright lady! Drop the food n' milk like it's hot!

Martha: *Drops it like it's hot*

Cat: *Facepalm* Not the dance! The food! Put it on the ground, idiot! I can't eat while my food is floating!

Martha: *stops dancing* Oh... Well, why didn't you say so silly?! *Puts bowl on the floor* *continues dancing*

Cat: *Leaves, then blows up StarBucks* I swear... *Hops into cat shaped tank*

Director: Hey! Blowing up StarBucks wasn't in the script!

Cat: I knooooow. *Blows up director, AKA WaterLover13*

WaterLover13: Owie... I got a boo-boo.