Scene: Coral plots in her lair. The lair is dull and looks more of a cell, but has high tech computers and a throne.

*Curtains pulled back*

Coral: (Petting a toy dog) Silly, silly humans!

Coral Minion: Um... Coral?

Coral: That's Empress Coral, to you!

Coral Minion: (facepalms) I feel a musical number coming on...

Coral: No, not for a few more lines.

Coral Minion: Thank goodness. Now as I was saying, Empress Coral. Two humans were spotted taking down our tanks.

Coral: (drops toy dog in shock) Whuuuuut? How is this possible?!

Coral Minion: It just is.

Coral: Okay, cue music number.

Coral Minion: (sighs) here we go again. (Walks off stage)

Coral: Get back here!

Coral Minion: (gets back on stage) Coral: (points at backup dancers) Gina broke her leg, so now we're one dancer short.

Coral Minion: Please tell me you're kidding.

Coral: (shakes head) Nope!

Coral Minion: (goes backstage and comes back wearing a feather head dress a- let's just cut this short: He looks very "Las Vegas") Coral: Now was that so hard?

*music starts up*

Coral: I-I-I-I-I once was a soft taaaaamed kitt-eeeeee.
But then that all chaaanged wheeeeen-

*music tempo rises into an "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor tune*

Backup Singers: Oooh, she. Was. A soft tamed kitty, but that changed when she reaaaliiised-


Backup singers: The world! The world! The woooorrld! Oh oh!

Coral: THE WORLD IS MINE, OOH BABY, BAB- (Goes into hairball hacking fit) CUT!

(A\N Err, not much, but it's all I got. And besides, the ending is hilarious.)